Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical College, Amravati
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Dr. Panjabrao
Founder President
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ENT Department
The prime objective of the Department is to maintain excellence in research and teaching.
Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat
Surgery of the Ear
Tympanoplasty, Myringoplasty, Mastoidectomy and stapedectomy
Surgery of Throat & Larynx
Tonsillectomy Adenoidectomy, Styloidectomy, Thyroidectomy and Microlaryngoscopy
Surgery of Nose
Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Functional Endoscopic, Sinus surgery
Equipment available in dept. of ENT
Carl caps operating microscope fitted with CCT camera
Audiometer (Arphi) with sound proof audiometer room
Electro Nystagmography (E.N.G.)
Nasal Endoscope
OPD Timing : 9 am to 1 pm in Morning, 3 to 5 pm in afternoon
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