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Dr. Panjabrao
Founder President
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Microbiology Department
The prime objective of the Department is to maintain excellence in research and teaching.
Microbiology is researched actively, and the field is advancing continually. Microbiology can be said to be in its infancy relative to older biological disciplines such as zoology and botany.
Main Four Sections
(1) Bacteriology Section (2) Mycology Section (3) Tuberculosis Section (4) Serology
  (5) Practical & Research Laboratory
Department has museum with 9 models, 12 specimens, 34 Micro photographs
60 laminated charts, 21 scientists photographs, Medias and vaccines.
Departmental Library
Investigations done in Microbiology Department
Routine culture & Blood culture sensitivity
Anaerobic culture of O.T.
Fungus culture, AFB culture and sensitivity
Water probability - for drinking water
Serological investigations
Gram staining of Body fluids
Skin clipping for AFB
Skin scrapping for fungus
Stool examination
Working hours : 10.30 am to 5.30 p.m.
Academic & Research Activity
Dept. has spacious research laboratory with equipments
Participation in various PG activities, symposia, seminar, CME conference
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