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Multicentric Synovial Chondromatosis Foot. Internationa Journal of Orthopaedics  2007

Dr. S.B. Sonar


Multicentric Skeletal Tubberculosis 2008 Maharashtra Orthopaedic Journal

Dr. S.B. Sonar


Instability of Elbow Presentation On Posterolateral Joint At CASM Jaipur

Dr. S.B. Sonar


To use or not to use continuous passive motion post total knee arthroplasty presenting functional assessment results in early recovery

Dr. R.N. Maniar, Dr. J.V. Baviskar, Dr. T. Singhi, Dr. S.S. Rathi
J. Arthroplasty
2012 fev27(2):193-200.e.i


Sugical technique: Lateral refinaculum release in knee arthroplasty using a stepwise, outside in technique

Dr. R.N. Maniar, Dr. T. Singhi, Dr. S.S. Rathi  Dr. J.V. Baviskar, Dr. R.M. Nayak
Clin Orthop Relat Res.2012 oct;470(10): 2854-63


Comparative functional out came of lateral locking plate fixation and dual plating in closed fracture of schatzkers grade V of tibia b

Dr. Om P. Patil JR. III, Dr. G.N. Pundkar, Prof. & Head (Sent for approval & publications)


Comparative study of functional out came of dynamic compression plating with interlocking nail for closed fracture shaft humerus in adults

Dr. Nikunj Modi JR.III,
Dr. G.N. Pundkar, Prof. & Head (Sent for approval & publications)


Evaluation of dynamic screw plate verses proximal femoral nail for unstable intertrochanteric fracture femur b

Dr. Aditya G. Pundkar JR III, Dr. R.W. Baitule, Asso. Prof. Sent for approval in Indian journal of orthopaedics


Complex Compound Fracture of Tibia
Managed with Distraction Osteogenesis

Dr. Satish Sonar Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2014 July-Sep:4(3): page 56-58.


Ankle arthritis is a very painful condition and arthrodesis is an ed stage palliative procedure as total akle replacement is still, not that effective and popular. The purpose of this study was to perform a clinical and radiographic review of the long term efficacy of the procedure,

By Dr. Satish Sonar., valume 4/ Issue:8/Aug 2015


Functional outcome of lateral locking plate fixation in bicondylar tibial plateau fracture

Vol:4!Issue:8/Aug 2015 ISSN -2250-1991


Posterolateral Rotatory, Instability, Elbow

By Dr. Satish Sonar, Dr. R.W. Baitule DOI: 10.18410/jembh/2015/695


Arthroscopy Assisted Ankle Arthrodesis – Prospective Study of 16 Cases

By Dr. Satish Sonar, Dr. Rajendra W. Baitule, Internationa Journal Paripes-Indian Journal of Research, vol.:04 (Issue8)Aug 2015


A comparative study of closed reduction and plaster cast  application versus Kirschner wire fixation in colles fracture

By Dr. Nikunj Modi, Dr. Aditya Pudkar, Dr. Om Patil, Dr. G.N. Pundkar, Dr. R.W. Baitule