Why do Indian parents force marriage?

Why are Indian parents obsessed with marriage?

Originally Answered: Why do indian parents only want an arrange marriage? They are scared to the concept of love marriage they think its a Western concept and most of them believe in caste system . So getting a groom from same caste gets tough. yes.

Why my parents forcing me to get married?

When one or both spouses don’t consent to marriage, it is forced. … You might be forced into marriage by the use of coercion, guilt, threats, blackmail, harassment, financial pressure, emotional pressure, physical violence, psychological duress, or you might even be tricked into getting married.

Why do Indian parents force marriage Quora?

Originally Answered: Why do Indian parents force their children to get married? Because they want someone to look after their child when they are gone. Because they wanna see their grandchildren. Because it’s not easy to handle loneliness and maybe they know that because of their age and experience of life.

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Why are Indian parents against love?

There very few epic stand-offs that rival that between Indian parents and love marriage! … Parents are opposed to love marriages because arranged marriages are the norm in our country and anyone trying to challenge this stranglehold of arranged marriage is considered to have gone “astray” from the family traditions.

Why are Indian parents so narrow minded?

Originally Answered: Why are Indian parents are so narrow minded? We often see that out parents run our lives till we are old. It’s not because they have nothing better to do, but it’s because they feel they have rights on you. They think of you as their own, as a part of their body.

Can parents force you to marry in Islam?

All Sunni/Shia schools of thought agree that forced marriages are strictly forbidden in Islam, as Islamic marriages are contracts between two consenting parties referred to as mithaq.

Can parents force you to get married in India?

In India, forced marriages are illegal under Article 15 of the Indian Contract Act 1872. It is a violation of human rights.

When your parents don’t approve of your marriage?

Talk (and Listen) to Your Parents

Have a frank conversation with your folks about why they don’t like your partner or approve of your marrying. Calmly and respectfully allow them to voice their objections. It may turn out that they haven’t had a chance to really get to know your partner.

Why do Indian parents hate dating?

Why are Indian parents against dating? … Indian parents are often against dating because they feel that as more experienced people they would be able to make a better choice of a match for you through an arranged marriage.

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Why do Indian parents hate gaming?

See, Indian parents think that by gaming we are wasting our time. In that time we could either study or read books. They have this mentality because they also have been told this by their parents when they used to play outdoor games.

Is it good to marry against parents wish?

Your parents might have a genuine concern for your well-being and if that is the case, I would suggest you re-evaluate your decision. If you are certain that their conflict is because of their ego needs, then you need to take the decision to marry him, despite their objection and you should choose your own happiness.

Why is love marriage a taboo in India?

Caste system gave birth to arrange marriages, as the upper caste families didn’t want their children to marry outside their community and caste. The concept of love marriage was a taboo in ancient India as India always had a tradition of arranged marriages.

What’s wrong with Indian parents?

The biggest problem with Indian parents is that they are not able to adapt their mind with the dynamically changing world. I m not saying all parents are like that, but many parents still don’t want to change their mind.

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