Best answer: Who is the central character in A Passage to India?

Forester’s A Passage to India, the main character, Dr. Aziz, is a Moslem doctor living in Chandrapore. He is a widower with three children who meets Mrs. Moore, an aged English widow who has three children herself and becomes friends with her.

Who is the main character protagonist in the passage?

Characters. The protagonist of The Passage is Amy Harper Bellafonte, a child who is infected with a form of the virus and acquires some of the traits of the other infected (e.g. immortality), but does not acquire their bloodlust or their morphology.

Who is Adela in Passage to India?

Adela Quested, fictional character, a sexually repressed Englishwoman who falsely accuses an Indian physician of attempted rape, in the novel A Passage to India (1924) by E.M. Forster.

Who is God Bol in A Passage to India?

You might say that Professor Godbole, an instructor at Fielding’s local college, is the loopy guru of the school. He seems clueless and utterly oblivious to others’ suffering, with a streak of silliness that is evident when he boogies down at the Gokul Ashtami festival in Part 3.

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Who is Mr McBryde in A Passage to India?

Mr. McBryde, the police superintendent, is introduced to us as “the most reflective and best educated of the Chandrapore officials” (2.28. 1). No wonder, then, that he gets along so well with Fielding.

What is fieldings job in A Passage to India?

Cyril Fielding

The principal of the government college near Chandrapore. Fielding is an independent man who believes in educating the Indians to be individuals—a much more sympathetic attitude toward the native population than that held by most English in India. Fielding befriends Dr.

Who is the very first character to whom the reader is introduced in A Passage to India?

This novel deals with human relationships, and the theme that determines its plot line is introduced in this section: “Is it possible for the Indian and the Englishman to be friends?” To show both sides of this question, the reader is first introduced to Dr. Aziz and his friends.

Why did Aziz decide not to attend the Bridge Party in A Passage to India?

Aziz and a colleague, Dr. Panna Lal, decide to attend the Bridge Party together. However, the party falls on the anniversary of Aziz’s wife’s death, so he decides not to attend.

How did Mrs Moore die in A Passage to India?

Moore’s visit to the Marabar Caves turns her Christian love on its head. It exposes her to the meaninglessness of life and the mean-sidedness of human nature. It’s an experience that saps her of her will to live, and she dies on a ship back to England.

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