Can we buy AppleCare later in India?

Can I buy Apple Care later in India?

In most countries and regions, you can buy AppleCare+ within 60 days of your device purchase. … In some countries and regions, you can buy an AppleCare Protection Plan within 1 year of your purchase of an eligible Mac, Apple TV, or other device.

Can I buy AppleCare+ from another country?

The warranty and AppleCare / AppleCare+ are only valid in the country where the phone was originally sold. If you purchased it in the US, you can only buy additional coverage from Apple in the US and that coverage will. The warranty and AppleCare/AppleCare+ on the iPhone are not international.

Does AppleCare bought in US work in India?

Apple Care+ now covers International Travelers, India included in the list of supported countries. … So, it is possible that people buying the iPhone from the U.S will indeed get the appropriate service coverage in India, assuming the fact that the iPhone comes with Apple Care+ coverage from the country they bought.

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Do Apple products have 2 year warranty?

The iStore guarantee gives you 2 years warranty cover from the purchase date of your device. During the first year, the device is also covered by the standard Apple warranty.

Is AppleCare the same as AppleCare+?

The standard AppleCare protection plan extends the warranty plan and phone support for Mac, Apple Displays, ands Apple TV. AppleCare+ offers accidental damage protection on top of the extended warranty and support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Is Apple Care Plus worldwide?

The AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac, for iPod and for Apple TV provide global repair coverage. Service will be limited to the options available in the country where service is requested. Service options, parts availability and response times vary by country. … All repairs are performed by Apple-authorised technicians.

What countries is AppleCare available?

AppleCare Protection Plan Countries/Regions

  • Afghanistan.
  • Australia.
  • Bhutan.
  • Brunei.
  • Cambodia.
  • East Timor.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Indonesia.

Can I use Apple care abroad?

Question: Q: Apple Care Abroad

Answer: A: No, AppleCare (and regular warranty service) is only covered in the country where the phone was purchased. The only exception is the EU counts as one “country” for warranty and AppleCare service.

Can I get AppleCare after damage?

Apple Care is available to purchase within 60 days of the iphone purchase. Apple Care cannot be purchased after the fact. Once the device has been damaged, it is no longer eligible for Apple care.

How do I get AppleCare after 90 days?

How to add AppleCare to your iPhone after purchase

  1. Head to Apple’s add AppleCare website.
  2. Choose iPhone, then enter your serial number or sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Follow the prompts to purchase AppleCare within one year of buying your iPhone (you’ll need to complete a remote diagnostic)
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Can you get AppleCare if you don’t buy from Apple?

AppleCare coverage is offered when purchasing a Mac from Apple on its website and in stores, but you can also add it after the fact. Even if you didn’t purchase your Mac from Apple, you can extend your warranty to three years and add physical damage protection within the first year of your original purchase.

Is US iPhone warranty valid in India?

Apple has quietly introduced the international warranty facility for its phones in India, which means people who have bought iPhones in the US or any other country outside India will receive warranty privileges here as well. … The warranty is only for iPhones that are factory unlocked.

Is iPhone warranty valid worldwide?

The international warranty applies to factory unlocked iPhones and not carrier-locked models. Apple fans in India have a reason to rejoice as the company quietly introduced international warranty on iPhones. This means that iPhones bought from outside the country will be applicable for a one-year warranty in India.

Can Indian iPhone work in Dubai?

Answer: A: Answer: A: The hardware of an iPhone is designed specially for the use in the country of purchase. By using such a phone outside of the country of purchase, not all services or software features may be supported, for example LTE, FaceTime, etc.

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