How can I join RAW India?

To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme. They have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and qualified candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination.

What is the salary of a RAW agent?

Due to this extensive history and experience requirement, the salary of a RAW agent tends to be between INR 0.8-1.3 lakhs per annum. Some other benefits apart from a RAW agent’s salary are: RAW officials get two months of extra pay per financial year.

How can I become a RAW agent after 12th?

Well there is no direct recruitment for RAW after 12 or degree course . The RAW however appoints candidates which have passed the upsc, who are presently in the ifs, ias, ips,etc.

There are 3 ways :

  1. Clear Civil Services and opt for IPS. …
  2. Wait for a position of “Field Officer” in “Cabinet Secretariat” through SSC.

Can an IAS join RAW?

How to Join RAW in India? RAW is the Indian foreign intelligence agency, the recruitment for which is done through a number of ways, primarily the civil services after clearing the UPSC exam. … RAW officers and RAW agents can be appointed from fields like IPS, IFS, and even IAS.

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How do I join the EAW?

Candidates must work towards passing the UPSC examination first, and then will the chances of recruitment into a department of RAW be likely. IAS, IPS, IFS, officers are all eligible for joining RAW. Officers in other Government posts like the Army, Intelligence Bureau, etc.

Can a girl Join RAW?

According to the Question ‘Can a Girl join RAW? ‘ Answer: Yes, anyone can join(not the correct word) RAW… RAW is an Intel Agency(most secretive) unlike most of its western counterparts…

Are RAW agents paid well?

The RAW Agent’s salary is somewhat between INR 80,000 to INR 1.3 lakhs per month. The officials also get two months of extra pay each financial year. They also get a special security allowance and foreign service allowance which changes from assignment to assignment.

How RAW agents are selected?

RAW does not recruit candidates directly. They generally select candidates from other government departments in India, including – Intelligence Agencies, Administrative Services. Police Services, Armed Forces, etc. Many of the agents have been selected from – IB (Intelligence Bureau).

Can I join DRDO after 12th?

Can I join DRDO after 12th? Yes, you can work at DRDO after the 12th as a shop assistant or administrative assistant. You may also enter DRDO as a technician in the desired discipline if you have an ITI credential. You enter as a group-D employee known as a technician.

Can a commerce student become a RAW agent?

Being a commerce student doesn’t affect. You can certainly join in IB / RAW. Through armed forces, army, airforce, navy and all the other special forces. … By being an IPS officer you can join CBI, RAW n can remain in state police services etc..

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What is the salary of IAS?

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100. Apart from the salary, an IAS officer is also given several other allowances, including Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance. Reports state that the total salary of an IAS officer is more than Rs 1 lakh per month.

Is RAW better than ISI?

The Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) has been phenomenally successful in operational outcomes while Pakistan’s ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) has been busy helping the military establishment maintain its vice grip on Pakistan.

Who is the head of RAW?

Headquartered in New Delhi, R&AW’s current chief is Samant Goel. The Director of R&AW serves as the Secretary (Research) in the Cabinet Secretariat, and is under the authority of the Prime Minister of India without parliamentary oversight.

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