How far is airport from Bangalore city?

the actual distance between SBC i.e. Bangalore City Station or better known as Majestic and Bangalore International Airport is approx 40kms.

How do I get from Bangalore airport to city?

You can reach Bangalore via air at Bangalore International Airport which is located at a distance of 40 km from the city. From here you can take prepaid taxi services and bus services to reach the city. Many national and international flights lands on this airport making approachability of the city easy.

Is Bangalore airport safe?

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) has been rated as the third safest airport in the country by Safe Travel Barometer, which maintains a database of covid-19 health and safety protocols. … The airports in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune followed Bengaluru on the list.

How far is Bangalore airport railway station from airport?

The distance between the airport and the railway station is about 32 kms. Your best option is the Meru cabs at the Bangalore Airport which charge Rs.

What is the cheapest way to get to Bangalore airport?

Currently, the cheapest mode of transport are special air-conditioned government-owned Vayuvajra buses which charge Rs 270 per passenger run by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation while private cabs such as Ola, Uber etc charge anywhere between Rs 700 to Rs 1,200 for the journey.

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Can we sleep in Bangalore airport?

Sleeping in Bangalore Airport

For uninterrupted sleep, there is a “Day Hotel” at the domestic departure check-in area and several other hotels within a quick shuttle ride of the airport.

Is airport taxi available in Bangalore during lockdown?

> Scheduled flights and trains will continue to operate during this period. … Taxis (including auto rickshaws) and services of cab aggregators can be used only for emergencies, vaccination, to take people who work in exempted industries or jobs and to take people to railway stations and airports.

Is flight allowed in Bangalore?

1) During this period, only scheduled flights and trains will remain functional. The flight and train tickets are necessary as these will work as movement passes to and from the airport/stations. 2) All the restaurants and hotels will remain shut. Only deliveries will be allowed.

Does Bangalore metro go to airport?

If all goes well, people in Bengaluru can reach the Kempegowda International Airport via metro rail from June 2025. The airport line includes two phases — Central Silk Board to KR Puram (Phase 2A) and KR Puram to Kempegowda International Airport (Phase 2B).

Which is the costliest area in Bangalore?

Based on the above parameters, here’s a snapshot of the seven most expensive residential areas in Bangalore:

  • Sadashivanagar. …
  • Shanthala Nagar. …
  • Malleswaram. …
  • Richmond Town. …
  • Koramangala. …
  • Indiranagar. …
  • Banashankari.

How can I go to Bangalore airport by train?

Trains operating from KSR Bengaluru and Bangalore Cantonment railway stations to the airport take 60-70 minutes, while those from Yeshwantpur take around 45 minutes. From Yelahanka, the train commute is 20 minutes. Fares are fixed between Rs 10 and 15 for normal passenger trains.

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