How many LCH are there in Indian Army?

Last year, the helicopters had successfully displayed their quick deployment prowess to forward locations in extreme temperatures and treacherous terrains. There are around 90 Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) and 75 Rudra, weaponized ALH, helicopters in service with the Indian Army.

How many LCH does India have?

The LCH was developed to meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army, who have ordered 62 and 114 units respectively.

How many LCH are there?

A total of 162 LCHs are planned to be ordered as of 2020. 15 Limited Series Production variants for Army and Air force are being built at HAL and are scheduled to be delivered before March 2022.

How good is India’s LCH?

“LCH is a potent weapon platform because of its state-of-the-art systems and highly accurate weapons that are capable of hitting any type of target by day or night,” said a HAL news release. “The other features of LCH include its ability to operate in the complete ‘Area of Responsibility’ (AOR) and altitudes.

Which is better LCH or Apache?

Compared to the LCH, the Apache is faster, has more engine power, and carries far more weapons, though the LCH has a longer range. However, the IAF has chosen LCH over Apache due to its ability to perform at high altitudes, which can be a challenge for rotary-wing aircraft.

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How much does an Apache helicopter cost?

A much more expensive option, for six Boeing-made AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and related equipment, comes with an estimated cost $1.5 billion.

Is LCH stealthy?

LCH with a narrow fuselage has pilot and co-pilot/gunner in tandem configuration incorporating a number of stealth features, Armour protection, Night attack capability and crash worthy landing gear for better survivability. The major features of LCH are: Glass Cockpit.

Is LCH a helicopter?

LCH is the world’s lightest multi-role attack helicopter, with the highest flight ceiling. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) had approved the proposal for the initial batch of 15 LCHs.

How many attack helicopters does Pakistan have?

Pakistan Army operates 281+ helicopters alongside several fixed-wing aircraft. 3 CAIC Z-10 attack helicopters of China were delivered for trial use so that orders could be made in the future.

Aircraft inventory.

Aircraft/System Helicopters Bell AH-1 Cobra
Origin United States
Role Attack
Variant AH-1F
Quantity 48

Is Hal Rudra a good helicopter?

The Indian Navy conducted flight trials in 2012-13, and found the helicopter suitable for coastal surveillance operations. It was impressed with the capability of the Rudra’s sensors to track ships at 12 and 14 km.

How many Apache India are there?

Earlier this year, India and the US signed a contract for the acquisition of six Apaches for the Indian Army during US President Donald Trump’s visit to New Delhi.

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