How old is junior when he describes falling in love with the beautiful Indian girl?

Junior remembers how, at the age of twelve, he fell in love with an Indian girl named Dawn.

What does junior try to explain to Mr Dodge?

The next few weeks are lonely for Junior. No one talks to him on the reservation or at Reardan. … Junior realizes that he is smarter than most of the kids at Reardan. For example, in geology class, he has to explain to Mr. Dodge, the teacher, that petrified wood isn’t really wood.

In what way does junior feel like a part time Indian?

Summary: Dance, Dance, Dance

Junior spends half his time in Wellpinit, half in Reardan. He feels half white and half Indian. He says being an Indian is like his job, but only a part-time job that doesn’t pay well. He lies to the Reardan kids and never lets them know he’s poor.

Does junior end up with Penelope?

Their friendship and relationship is officially sealed, however, when Junior waits outside the bathroom door while Penelope is throwing up inside. It is clear that this is a secret she is hiding from everyone. It is also clear that because Junior treats her differently than others, she trusts him.

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Why does junior refer to how white Penelope is?

Junior refers to how ‘white’ Penelope is to emphasise the racial difference between them. The effect of this that he feels lower than Penelope only because she is white.

What do rowdy and junior do for each other?

Junior and Rowdy have a very complex relationship, Junior is an introverted nerd while Rowdy is a jock and one of the biggest people on the reservation, but they’re best friends, Rowdy gives Junior physical protection from bullies, while Junior gives Rowdy someone to vent his anger, they both keep each other from being

What is the nicest thing a teacher has told Junior?

What is the nicest thing a teacher has ever told Junior and who said it? “You are a good kid. You deserve the world.” (Mr.

What does junior confess to Penelope?

Saying that Roger told her he lent Junior some money, Penelope asks Junior outright if he is poor, and Junior confesses the truth. He expects that Penelope will abandon him immediately, but instead, she kisses him on the cheek and promises that she and Roger won’t tell anyone and will be his friends.

Why is Penelope angry with Junior?

Because he gets so frustrated and just wants to throw it at something, and this signifies him being fed up with the Indian treatment. What is Mr P’s advice to Junior? Mr.

Why does he call himself a part time Indian?

He wants to do better for himself and his family, and even though going to a white school makes him feel like he is denying some part of his heritage, he knows it is the only chance he has. Arnold is a brave character who sacrifices some of his identity in order to have better opportunities in life.

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Is Penelope Jr’s girlfriend?

Junior’s “translucent semi-girlfriend,” a beautiful and popular freshman at Reardan High School.

Why did Junior compare Penelope to his dad?

Why does Junior compare Penelope to his father? When she says “Im only bulimic when I’m throwing up.” It reminds him of his dad when he says “Im only an alcoholic when I get drunk.” They are both addicts with different releases. the most perfect girl in the world.

Why was junior ashamed of being poor?

Junior relates that the worst part of being poor is having one’s dreams deferred or forever forgotten. He realizes that his parents had to give up their dreams because they are poor, and he says: Seriously, I know my mother and father had their dreams when they were kids.

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