Question: Is pumpkin the national vegetable of India?

The national vegetable of India is the Indian pumpkin. It grows throughout India, doesn’t really require great soil characteristics, and grows easily as a climber or creeper. … It is produced in all regions of tropical India and eaten there.

Why is pumpkin the national vegetable of India?

Kaddu, Also called Indian Pumpkin is The Most Popular And Consider As a National Vegetable of India. It grows all over India and does not require great soil conditions, grows easily as a creeper /climber. People called it “poor man’s vegetable” as it grows easily and gives big fruits /vegetables.

Is potato a national vegetable of India?

First of all, i am writing a list of national vegetable of India after that i will explain about those vegetables.

National Vegetable Of India With Images.

1 Pumpkins
2 Potato
3 Okra
4 Eggplant
5 Cauliflower

Is brinjal our national vegetable?

Originally Answered: What is the national vegetable of India? Eggplant, well at least for Gujarati’s!

What is our national fruit and vegetable?

List of National and Official symbols of India

Symbol Name
National bird
National flower Indian lotus
National tree Indian banyan
National fruit Mango
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