Quick Answer: Can I get Indian driving license if I have UAE driving license?

No. UAE may be right lane driving, like Kuwait. A UAE driving license may help you in obtaining a Indian one, however, you will have to have a Indian DL, to continue to drive, in India.

How can I get an Indian driving license if I have a UAE license?

The IDL application procedure is simple and straightforward. All you need to have are your official identification from an Emirates ID authority distributer, a copy of your valid UAE driving license and two Passport-size photos photos.

Does India accept UAE driving license?

For Indians from India – having a valid Indian license. In India too we can get an IDP for Indian license holders and Indians can drive in the UAE with the valid IDP in the UAE. In India IDP’s are issued by the RTA – Road Transport Authority which also issues the driving license and registers the vehicles.

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How can I change my driving Licence from UAE to India?

Documents required for driving license application

  1. Duly filled application form.
  2. Passport sized photographs.
  3. Proof of identity or age proof.
  4. Residential permit.
  5. Medical fitness certificate.
  6. Copy of existing license in home country.

How can I convert my foreign Licence to Indian license?

Indian applicants have to submit additional documentation, as mentioned below:

  1. Form 4.
  2. Copy of valid driver’s license.
  3. Copy of passport and visa.
  4. Copy of air tickets.
  5. Medical certificate as mentioned in the application form.
  6. Application fee of Rs. 500.
  7. 5 passport sized photographs.
  8. Certified proof of Indian citizenship.

What is the cost of driving Licence in Dubai?

What Is The Cost Of Obtaining A Driving Licence In Dubai? The Dubai driving license cost may vary between AED 4,500 and AED 7,000 if you manage to pass the final road test in the first attempt.

Which country I can use UAE driving license?

The countries where the UAE driving license is now valid includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Mauritania, Djibouti, Comoros, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, Spain, France, America, UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Slovakia, …

Is UAE driving license international?

UAE citizens and residents who intend to drive in a foreign country are required to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) while in the UAE.

Which country driving Licence is valid in India?

In fact you can drive in all three countries – Scotland, England, and Wales. Australia allows you to drive with an Indian driving licence but validity is restricted to three months and the licence should be in the English language.

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Which all countries accept Indian driving Licence?

For those who wish to drive without needing an international license, read on for a list of countries where your valid Indian license can be used.

  • Australia: …
  • New Zealand: …
  • Switzerland: …
  • France: …
  • Norway: …
  • South Africa: …
  • United States of America: …
  • United Kingdom:

Can you drive in India with UK license?

Driving in India

You can drive with a UK licence and an accompanying international driving permit after you arrive, but rules on how long you can drive on a UK licence vary from state to state. To arrange for a driving test, you should contact the traffic police office in the state where you live.

Can foreigners drive in India?

A foreigner can apply for an international driving licence in India if he or she is going to reside in India for less than a year. If the stay in India is or will be more than a year, the foreigner needs to apply for an Indian driving licence.

Can I drive in India with German license?

Originally Answered: Is German Driving License valid to drive in India? Technically, you should be able to use your German DL in India since Germany and India are contracting parties to Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.

Can NRI get driving license in India?

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), holding valid driving licence of that country, returning to India and Andhra Pradesh, can be issued an Indian Union Driving Licence, based on it, according to Deputy Transport Commissioner S. Venkateswara Rao.

Can OCI holder get driving license?

Even as foreign citizen you can drive in India with an International Driving Licence or (as most expatriates and embassy staffers do) obtain a licence to drive a private vehicle in India. There are no changes to the OCI rules as of January 2012 that I am aware of. OCI holders can stay in India for as long as they wish.

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How long does it take to get a driving license in India?

Usually, a driving license in Karnataka is delivered within 30 days from the date of passing the test. If you haven’t received your license within the stipulated time, then you can check your driving license status at the RTO where you applied for the DL.

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