Quick Answer: Do Indian phones work in France?

Can I use Indian phone in France?

Like all European and many other countries, France operates on a GSM network. This means that if your current phone is GSM-compatible, it will probably work in France. If you are coming from North America or some parts of Asia you will probably have a CDMA phone, which will not work in France.

Can I use an Indian phone in Europe?

Yeah absolutely. The 5G mobile phone is also backward compatible with multiple network standards such as 4G, 3G, and 2G. In other words, in the existing 4G network environment, 5G can also be used normally, but the experience is not as cool as the 5G network.

What phones work in France?

First, you need to find out if your current phone works internationally. If your phone has the 900 and the 1800 MHz networks, it will work in France with your current carrier. Many of AT&T’s and T-mobile phones do have these extra networks for international use.

Can I use my mobile in France?

You can walk into any mobile store in France (Orange, Free Mobile, SFR, Bouygues Telecom) or Relay, the convenience store chain, and ask for a prepaid SIM for the duration of your time abroad. Once you have it, take your old SIM card out of your phone and insert the new one. Your phone should work without any trouble.

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Can Indian phones be used abroad?

To Roam or Not to Roam. So, you have the necessary GSM phone and you’re with a GSM carrier. What about roaming with it in India? Make sure you thoroughly investigate the roaming plans on offer.

Does free mobile work outside of France?

Free calls to all mobile and fixed lines in France + to fixed lines in 110 international destinations. Access to over 220 TV channels (optional, for an extra 4.99€/ month)

Can I use Indian iPhone in USA?

1 Answer. Yes it would. An iPhone purchased in India has support for GSM frequency bands in USA. It would function similar to an unlocked iPhone bought in USA.

What should I do with my phone when traveling internationally?

How to Use Your Smartphone Overseas

  1. Make Sure Your Phone Will Work in Your Destination.
  2. Check for International Roaming Packages.
  3. Find Out If It’s Unlocked.
  4. Turn Off Cell Data (and Use Wi-Fi Instead)
  5. Use Google Voice or Skype Instead of Making Calls.

Can I use Indian phone in UK?

No one wants to lose connection, especially after a long flight. Being without a working phone in a foreign country is the stuff of nightmares! But the good news is that your phone is most likely going to work in the UK! In fact, if you’ve got a network unlocked iPhone it will work in the UK.

Can I use my iPhone in France?

If the iPhone is carrier unlocked, you can use local SIM card in France. If it’s not, switch Airplane Mode: ON and manually switch Wi-Fi:On when you landed in France.

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How can I get Internet in France?

To get Broadband internet set up in France, you may to have a France Telecom (Orange) line installed. Regardless of whether you want to use another provider for internet services you’ll still need to have a France Telecom line. Your UK PC, laptop or Mac will work in France as will your English keyboard.

How can I buy a phone in France?

You can purchase contract mobile phones or pay as you go type phones with existing SIM card or a SIM card for use with an existing phone (if it is a contract phone you may need to have it unlocked by your provider) – often it is not much more expensive to buy a new phone with an existing SIM card.

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