Quick Answer: What is ist why IST has taken as standard meridian of India?

Note: The standard Meridian of India at 82′3. e at Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh was taken as the standard Meridian because it splits the country into closely two equal parts The 82.50. E longitude is smaller than 1 km from the famous Vindhyavasini temple. Ghamapur is now known as India’s Greenwich.

What is meant by IST Why do we need a standard meridian in India?

The time of a place depends on the longitude that passes through it. Therefore, the standard time for each country is usually taken as the time of the central meridian that passes through it. … Thus, we need a standard meridian for the country. In India 82 ½ °E longitude determines the standard time.

What is IST and what is the importance of the standard meridian of India?

IST stands for Indian Standard Time. Indian Standard Time is the time observed in India and Sri Lanka. It passes through Allahabad. India has a time of GMT+5:30. It’s main importance is that it helps us in scheduling partys, functions, etc.

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Why is 82.30 has been selected as the standard meridian of India?

The sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Gujarat. This causes a time lag of 2 hrs from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh to avoid confusion and to have a standard time for reference, The 82.30’Eastern Longitude has been taken as the standard time for the whole country.

What is IST why do we need it?

The local time along this Meridian serves as the Indian Standard Time (I.S.T) . The local time of Mirzapur near Allahabad is taken as the standard time all over India . I.S.T is 5:30 hours ahead of G.M.T (Greenwich Mean Time) located in London. Standard Meridian of India is needed to maintain time uniformity in India.

Why is 82.30 has been selected?

2 Answers. The Earth has been divided into 24 time zones of one hour each. … This causes a time lag of 2 hrs from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh to avoid confusion and to have a standard time for reference, The 82.30’Eastern Longitude has been taken as the standard time for the whole country.

Why do we follow IST?

IST is taken as the standard time as it passes through almost the centre of India. To communicate the exact time to the people, the exact time is broadcast over the national All India Radio and Doordarshan television network.

What is importance of standard time?

The main importance of standard time is that it helps in organising a uniform schedule for transport like railways and airways. It cuts down on costs that would be otherwise incurred on adjusting to different time schedules and the subsequent loss of time.

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What is IST and GMT timings?

IST stands for India Standard Time. GMT is known as Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is 5.5 hours behind IST. So, when it is. 12:00 am IST.

What is standard meridian?

Standard Meridian is the longitude which is used to describe time of a country. It ideally should be the same for the whole country and all the places in a country should follow this same time. The standard meridian of India is 82.5 ° E and it passes through Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Why Mirzapur is taken as standard meridian?

The standard meridian passing from Mirzapur has been taken as the IST because 82′3 E meridian divides the country into exactly two parts. The eastern most and westernmost most meridian of India would otherwise show a difference of 2 hours. Sun rises 2 hours early in Arunachal Pradesh than in Gujarat.

What do you know about the location and size of India?

It is the seventh-largest country in the world, with a total area of 3,287,263 square kilometres (1,269,219 sq mi). India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west. It has a land frontier of 15,200 km (9,445 mi) and a coastline of 7,516.6 km (4,671 mi).

Why is the standard meridian important?

The standard Meridian, from which time and geographical location of a country is calculated and it is the most important longitude of a country. Latitudes and Longitudes which are also known as the Geographical coordinates, play an important role in fixing local time and navigation.

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What’s the standard time?

Standard time is the local time in a country or region when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not in use. Standard time is also known as winter time. Standard time is sometimes referred to as or winter time or normal time, while DST may also be called summer time, especially in the UK.

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