Quick Answer: Why is aiims Delhi so special?

What is so special about AIIMS Delhi?

The medical science here is highly advanced which is the reason why AIIMS as a hospital witnesses so many patients from different corners of the world. It is globally renowned and recognized for its technology driven approach. This makes AIIMS the dream college for all the medical aspirants of the country.

Is AIIMS Delhi the best?

AIIMS has been consistently ranked the top medical college in India. AIIMS Delhi has been considered a dream college by all the medical aspirants since decades.

How prestigious is AIIMS?

Which is the top ranked AIIMS college at present? Out of all the 13 AIIMS colleges, AIIMS Delhi is ranked at #1 at present.

Why is AIIMS Delhi the best Quora?

The genius students, excellent faculty, research oriented education, huge infrastructure, uninterrupted funds for the latest equipment and technology and nonstop flow of referred speciality patients who couldn’t be treated else where makes AIIMS Delhi a premier institute.

What is the salary of AIIMS doctor per month?

The entry-level salary at the AIIMS for a super-speciality doctors would be around Rs 25,000 per month, while a senior who can command a salary Rs 2.5 lakh in the private sector would earn around Rs 45,000 per month along with a housing facility.

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Who earns more Iitian or doctor?

It is believed that an Engineer form IIT/NIT earns more money whereas a doctor earns more respect. But the truth is if you are good at what you do then there is loads of money to be made.

Do AIIMS students get paid?

In general, the stipend offered to MD/MS students at AIIMS, New Delhi is Rs 90,000 per month. It is as per the new 7th CPC which includes House allowances and excludes Income tax amount which is why it is called a stipend and not salary.

What is the benefit of AIIMS?

AIIMS provides reservation in PG courses. This is a great booster for students to study from AIIMS, as PG course gives value-addition to your UG course. Overall, it adds a great exposure to your medical degree after studying from AIIMS. At AIIMS, students get clinical postings from the second year itself.

Why AIIMS is best for MBBS?

The institute provides ample opportunities to participate in national and international conferences as well as exchange programmes. Such exposure helps students achieve standards at par with the best in the world. AIIMS students have gone on to become doyens not just in India but in international institutions as well.

Are Ipads allowed in AIIMS?

Yes, iPad are allowed in the AIIMS classrooms for taking notes.

Is studying in AIIMS hard?

AIIMS MBBS is one of most competitive exam in the country. As per the review of many medical aspirants, AIIMS MBBS is also considered as the toughest exam in comparison to NEET and JIPMER MBBS. … However, the difficulty level does not matter if you have prepared well for the examination.

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How did Bhavik Bansal study?

Bhavik : I started my rigorous study and preparation from class – 11th. I studied from NCERT books multiple times. Also, MTG AIIMS Explorer and MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips from MTG helped me a lot. Regular and continuous study helped me achieve my aim.

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