What are the main features of Government of India Act 1935?

What is the importance of Government of India Act, 1935?

Government of India Act, 1935 was a major step towards the Independence of India and helped in the reorganization of the states. Britishers have introduced this Act because through this Act they can win the support of modern nationalist and they could rule over the dominion of India.

Which is not a feature of Government of India Act, 1935?

The proposal for setting up of the Federation of India did not materialize because the act proposed that federation could come into existence only if as many princely states (which had been given option to join or not to join) were entitled to one half of the states seats in the upper house of the federal legislature.

What is Government of India Act, 1935 UPSC?

Government of India Act 1935

This act abolished the system of provincial dyarchy and suggested the establishment of dyarchy at the centre and a ‘Federation of India’ consisting of the provinces of British India and most of the princely states.

How many provisions are there in Government of India Act, 1935?

Because of its length, the Act was retroactively split by the Government of India Act, 1935 into two separate Acts: The Government of India Act, 1935, having 321 sections and 10 schedules. The Government of Burma Act, 1935 having 159 sections and 6 schedules.

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Who is father of dyarchy?

Dyarchy was introduced as a constitutional reform by Edwin Samuel Montagu (secretary of state for India, 1917–22) and Lord Chelmsford (viceroy of India, 1916–21). The principle of dyarchy was a division of the executive branch of each provincial government into authoritarian and popularly responsible sections.

What is goi act?

The term Government of India Act refers to any one of a series of Acts passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom to regulate the government of British India, in particular: … Government of India Act 1858, established India as a nation consisting of British India and princely states.

What is the source of authority of the Indian Constitution?

Correct Option: C. The preamble of the Indian Constitution mentions that the Constitution derives its authority from the people of India. The words in the preamble- “We, the people of India.

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