What is BBA called in Mumbai?

Colleges Rating
Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics 4.6
RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics 4.5
St. Xavier’s College 4.4

Is BBA available in Mumbai University?

BBA admission in Mumbai is offered by Mumbai university BBA colleges, private university NMIMS BBA college among others.

Is Mumbai Good for BBA?

The universities like Delhi University, Mumbai University, NMIMS Mumbai; top autonomous institutes like IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak among others offer best BBA programs.

What is the another name of BBA?

BBA Course is a 3 year undergraduate business management course that imparts managerial and entrepreneurial skills to students through BBA Subjects like General Management, Managerial Economics. BBA full form is Bachelor of Business Administration.

Does KJ Somaiya has BBA?

No, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies does not provide BBA course. The other courses for undergraduates are as follows: B.Com.

Is BBA waste of time?

BBA happens to be one of the most successful degrees which anyone can take in 2021 and build a successful career for them. It most certainly is not a waste of time and we will tell you why with actual statistics and reasoning. If anyone ever told you that it is a waste of time then you are totally mistaken.

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Which type of BBA is best?

Top 18 BBA Specializations In India

  • BBA in Human Resource Management. …
  • BBA in Marketing. …
  • BBA in Sports Management. …
  • BBA in Management. …
  • BBA in Hospital & Healthcare. …
  • BBA in Accounting. …
  • BBA in Supply Chain. …
  • BBA in Retail. The retail industry is one of the biggest contributors to the nation’s economy.

Is math compulsory for BBA?

One can do BBA without Mathematics. It is not necessary to have maths in class 12 in order to pursue BBA in India. There are some colleges like NMIMS SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, in which maths is compulsory for admission.It is because the curriculum there is very exhaustive and requires quantitative and analytical skills.

What is the fees for BBA in Mumbai?

118 BBA Colleges in Mumbai

S. No. Institutes Total Fees (Rs)
1. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai 46.13 K
2. Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics 52.34 K
3. Amity University, Mumbai 8.4 – 10.74 lakh
4. K.P.B Hinduja College of Commerce

Is BBA course expensive?

A BBA degree is a lot more affordable than an MBA degree and other business-related graduation courses. Despite being 3 years long, this degree’s fees are not expensive. And in the end, you get complete value for the money you have invested as you get high paying jobs with additional benefits.

Which BBA has highest salary?

The INDIA TODAY – MDRA SURVEY shows that the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies offers the highest salary at Rs 6,40,000 per year.

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Is BBA better or BCom?

While BBA degree is for those who want to make a career in management and entrepreneurship, the BCom degree is for those who want to pursue career in finance, taxation or accountancy fields. … Both BBA and BCom are good options for students for an excellent career growth.

Is BBA easy?

Yes! It is an easy course to pursue business knowledge. During the course of BBA, you will gain knowledge of the concepts of marketing, sales, human resource, finance etc. Apart from bookish knowledge, it also provides practical knowledge through projects and practical.

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