What is East Indian language called?

The East Indian language is a dialect of Marathi and is called East Indian dialect or East Indian Marathi, though there is no official name for it as such. Sometimes it is also referred to just as Boli Basha or Mai Boli, which means mother tongue in Marathi.

Is Marathi an Indian language?

listen)) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by around 120 million Marathi people of Maharashtra, India. … Marathi has the third largest number of native speakers in India, after Hindi and Bengali. The language has some of the oldest literature of all modern Indian languages, dating from around 600 AD.

Where is Marathi spoken?

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 71 million people mainly in the Indian state of Maharashtra and neighbouring states. Marathi is also spoken in Israel and Mauritius. Marathi is thought to be a descendant of Maharashtri, one of the Prakrit languages which developed from Sanskrit.

Are Marathi and Hindi similar?

Marathi and Hindi both derive from Sanskrit and are written in the same script (though Marathi also used to be written in a cursive script called Madi). Hence, they do have lots of similarities. Gramatically, I would say that Marathi is more complex than Hindi, and uses more sounds too.

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Which language is oldest in India?

Sanskrit (5000 years old)

Sanskrit is a widely spoken language in India. Almost all the ancient manuscripts of Hindusim, Jainism and Buddhism were written in this language.

Which is best language in India?

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Languages

  • Hindi. Hindi is officially the most popular language spoken across India. …
  • Bengali. The second most widely spoken language after Hindi is none other than Bengali which is said to be spoken by approximately 8% of the entire population. …
  • Telugu.

Which is the oldest language in world?

Seven oldest surviving languages in the world.

  • Tamil: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 300 BC. …
  • Sanskrit: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 2000 BC. …
  • Greek: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 1500 BC. …
  • Chinese: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 1250 BC.

Is Marathi older than Hindi?

So one can conclude that Marathi is much older than Hindi and is present from ancient era (500 B.C. onwards in spoken form and 200 B.C. onwards in written form in various scripts such as Bramhi, Modi and then Devnagari scripts). While Hindi as independent language evolved after 1850 and is a recent phenomenon.

Is Marathi older than Tamil?

Marathi is derived from early forms of Prakrit . Marathi is one of several languages that further descend from Maharashtri Prakrit. Tamil, as a Dravidian language, descends from Proto-Dravidian, a proto-language. Linguistic reconstruction suggests that Proto-Dravidian was spoken around the third millennium BC.

Is Marathi difficult?

Marathi is an Indo-European language spoken by the people of Maharashtra, India, and is one of the official languages of Western India. Because Marathi is not as widely spoken as languages like Hindi and Bengali, it can be difficult to find places offering formal courses outside of India.

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Which language is used in Mumbai?

The 4 languages primarily spoken throughout the Mumbai Suburban District are Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati.

Who founded Marathi language?

Marathi language originates from Maharashtri Prakrit . Marathi is a very old language, with its first book being written during Satvahan dynasty by Hala called as “Gatha Saptasati” 2000 years ago.

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