What is the maintenance cost of a Mercedes Benz in India?

Mercedes Benz 3 Years or 30K Kms 10 Year or 2 Lakh Kms
C Class Petrol C200 CGI Rs 1.26 Lakh Rs 5.23 Lakh
C Class Diesel Rs 1.4 Lakh Rs 6.45 Lakh
E Class Petrol Rs 1.46 Lakh Rs 7.48 Lakh
E Class Diesel Rs 1.55 Lakh Rs 8.03 Lakh

Is Mercedes-Benz expensive to maintain?

Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs are pretty expensive compared to other brands. In one study by Your Mechanic, it came in second place just behind BMW’s maintenance costs. Drivers pay about $908 per year to maintain and repair their Mercedes vehicles according to RepairPal.

Is it worth buying Mercedes in India?

Build quality is excellent as well. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go for one. Yes, it’s a Mercedes for half the price, but what doesn’t change is service costs and spare part prices. It is a luxury brand, so a basic service every year will cost around Rs 30,000.

Which is cheaper to maintain BMW or Mercedes?

BMWs cost a lot to maintain

According to Your Mechanic, BMWs are easily the most expensive car brand to maintain. … BMW is in first place, with an average maintenance cost over 10 years of $17,800. In second place was Mercedes-Benz, which had an average 10-year maintenance cost of $12,900.

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Are Mercedes C Class expensive to maintain?

According to Edmunds True Cost to Own, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class costs roughly $7,786 in maintenance over a five-year period; here we are focusing on C 300 maintenance costs specifically. Repairs total in at about $3,007—also over a five-year period.

Do Mercedes have a lot of problems?

Whether you buy a new or old Mercedes Benz car, there are some problems that you should expect. These include engine misfire, oil leaks, damage to the insulation, suspension issues, bad catalytic converter, rust, and low brake pressure. Note that some models have their own additional problems.

Why are Mercedes oil changes so expensive?

Mercedes cars will usually have bigger oil capacities than a Toyota or Honda. Hence, you pay more for the Mercedes-specific motor oil, which is typically more costly than other branded motor oils. Mercedes has a reason for this. The larger oil volume means the cars can go longer between oil changes.

Who can afford Mercedes?

To afford that, you should earn at least 65–70 lakhs, too be comfortable. Originally Answered: To afford entry level luxury car like Mercedes Benz in India, what should be average income ? For entry level luxury cars your average income must be 50 lakh per annum.

Is Mercedes expensive to maintain in India?

For the A-Class a two-year package costs Rs 49,000, going up to Rs 2,72,000 for ten years. For an S-Class, the two-year package costs Rs 81,000, going up to Rs 9,47,000 for ten years.

Is it worth buying a 10 year old Mercedes?

A 10 year old Mercedes is capable of giving many years of great service, easily in excess of twenty years if well maintained. The reliability of Mercedes, is determined more by condition than age.

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Why is Mercedes better than BMW?

Mercedes Vs BMW Quality

In terms of interiors, for smaller models, Mercedes has superior interiors whereas, for larger cars, BMW wins over. Performance wise a BMW may be better than a Mercedes and opinions could differ as per the model you drive. For road safety, most consumers rely on a BMW when they have an option.

What is the cheapest luxury car to maintain?

5 of the Cheapest Luxury Cars to Maintain

  • Acura MDX.
  • Audi A4.
  • Lexus ES.
  • Lincoln EKZ.
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
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