What is the state tree of Delhi?

Union territory Common name Binomial name
Chandigarh Mango Tree Mangifera Indica
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Not yet designated
Delhi Flamboyant Delonix regia
Jammu and Kashmir Chinar Platanus orientalis

What is the state tree of India?

Indian fig tree, Ficus bengalensis, whose branches root themselves like new trees over a large area. The roots then give rise to more trunks and branches. Because of this characteristic and its longevity, this tree is considered immortal and is an integral part of the myths and legends of India.

What is the state symbol of Delhi?

State Symbols of India

S.No. States Bird
6. Delhi House sparrow
7. Goa Black Crested Bulbul
8. Gujarat Greater Flamingo
9. Haryana Black Francolin

What is our national vegetable?

Here is the list of national symbols of India.

Title National Symbols
National Heritage Animal Indian Elephant
National Flower Lotus
National Vegetable Pumpkin
Oath of Allegiance National Pledge

What’s the most beautiful flower in the world?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

  • Cherry Blossom. …
  • Bird of Paradise. …
  • Dahlia. …
  • Lotus. …
  • Orchid. …
  • Tulip. …
  • Gazania. …
  • Rose. No one can deny the fact that roses are one of the most beautiful blooms in the world.
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Which is our national animal?

National Animal

The magnificent tiger, Panthera tigris is a striped animal. It has a thick yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. The combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India.

What is the state fruit of up?

उत्तर प्रदेश का राज्य पक्षी हैं।

What is the symbol of state boundary?

The boundaries between states, districts, and international borders are denoted by dashed lines of different width and styles. Thus, option (C) is correct.

Is Delhi a city or state?

Delhi, city and national capital territory, north-central India. The city of Delhi actually consists of two components: Old Delhi, in the north, the historic city; and New Delhi, in the south, since 1947 the capital of India, built in the first part of the 20th century as the capital of British India.

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