Which area is best to buy plot in Chennai?

One of the best neighbourhoods to buy plots in Chennai is Poonamallee. Casagrand developers offer a premium range of Poonamallee plots for sale at Casagrand Westend & Casagrand Uptown, which promise an upbeat lifestyle, connectivity, land value appreciation, and the space to build your dream home.

Which area in Chennai is developing fast?


One of the fastest growing residential areas in India, Pallikaranai is a hot favourite destination for investors. Located in South Chennai, the locality is in close proximity to the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), which is one of Chennai’s biggest IT/ITeS corridors.

Is it worth to buy land in Chennai?


The value of real estate in Chennai and in most other parts of the world increases overtime, because land gets scarcer, so this means when you buy property in Chennai today, its value is likely to be worth a lot more in the future, than it was when you purchased it.

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How can I buy plot in Chennai?

Buying a plot in Chennai? Keep our checklist close.

  1. Verify patta. …
  2. Verify encumbrance certificate. …
  3. The Seller should have a clear Title of the land. …
  4. Verify the identity of the Seller.

Which is best investment flat or plot?

The decision depends on your needs, lifestyle preferences, and other aspects like taxation and bank loan. While investing in plots or land means building a house as per one’s own requirements and approved layout, a flat is a multi-floored construction with no freedom to change the construction layout and size.

Which is the richest area in Chennai?

8 of the Poshest Localities of Chennai

  • Boat Club. The Boat Club area is in Alwarpet and is one of the most expensive localities in Chennai. …
  • Poes Garden. Poes Garden is another top end locality of the city. …
  • East Coast Road. …
  • Nungambakkam. …
  • Velachery. …
  • Adyar. …
  • Gopalapuram. …
  • Besant Nagar.

Who is the richest person in Chennai?

List of 5 Richest People In Chennai 2018

  • Kalanithi Maran. Net Worth – 5 Billion USD. Kalanithi M Maran is the richest man in Tamil Nadu. …
  • Arun Pudur. Net Worth – 4 Billion USD. …
  • Mallika Srinivasan. Net Worth – 2.3 Billion USD. …
  • Amm Vellayan. Net Worth – 1.3 Billion USD. …
  • K M Mappillai.

How much are houses in Chennai?

Here are prices of some properties in price bands of below Rs50 lakh, Rs50-75 lakh, and above Rs75 lakh.

How much does it cost to build a 600 sq ft house in Chennai?

The cost of construction in Chennai will vary from Rs 1450 / sq. ft to Rs 4500 / sq. ft and upwards for for ultra luxury houses. This translates to Rs 14.5 lakh for a normal house to Rs 45.00 lakh for a uber luxury house.

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How is flat resale value calculated in Chennai?

Answer ( 1 )

  1. You can check the resale value of flats or old flats by applying the following formula:
  2. Value or resale flat = value of undivided share of land + depreciated value of building and amenities + value of overheads, expenses, etc.

What is the price of land in Chennai?

Property Rates & Price Trends in Chennai

Locality Name Buy Rates Rental Rates
Price Range (Rs. per sq. ft.) 2 Bedroom
Mugalivakkam Rs. 4,888 – 5,270/sq. ft. Rs. 11,591 – 14,266
Pennalur Rs. 2,678 – 3,272/sq. ft.
Poonamallee Rs. 3,570 – 4,335/sq. ft. Rs. 8,629 – 11,506

How do you buy land without a broker?

Steps to buy a home without a broker/an Agent

  1. Step 1 – Shortlist your preferred property. …
  2. Step 2 – Visit the shortlisted properties. …
  3. Step 3 – The finances. …
  4. Step 4 – Inspections and appraisals. …
  5. Step 5 – Closing the deal.

How can I buy land in Tamilnadu?

Purchase of Land or Building

  1. Check the property title deed to ensure that the seller has a right over the property.
  2. Verify pattah of the property.
  3. Verify encumbrance certificate of the property. …
  4. Verify the land use zone as per the master plan for the land.

Is buying a flat a good option?

Low rental income- If one plans on receiving steady income in the short run, flats would be a better option as plots generate very low income in the short run. One can reap the benefits of buying a plot only in the long run under favourable market conditions.

Which is better bungalow or flat?

Cost – The cost of a bungalow is more in comparison to flat as one is required to buy a land and construct upon it. Also, the cost varies depending upon many factors like the locality, land value and size. … Investment – As an investment option, bungalow can be profitable as it has land which appreciates more than flats.

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Is it good to buy a plot?

Did you know a plot is more beneficial than a ready to move-in house? However, each has its own drawbacks. The cost of land is comparatively lower in comparison to residential apartments, hence making it a cheaper sort of investment and good capital investment for those with a lower budget.

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