Which areas in Mumbai will be affected by cyclone?

Which part of Mumbai will be affected by cyclone?

Cyclone Tauktae: As per IMD, moderate to intense spells of rain with gusty winds reaching 90-100 kmph is likely to occur at isolated places in the districts of Raigad, Palghar, Mumbai, Thane and Ratnagiri during the next 3 hours.

Is there any chance of cyclone in Mumbai?

A direct hit on Mumbai, which would be a 1-in-500-year event, is unlikely. But the cyclone could graze India’s largest city. … Signs continue to point to an increasing risk of a significant storm developing, churning up seas and bringing hurricane conditions to portions of coastal India.

Will Tauktae affect Mumbai?

Cyclone Tauktae, which intensified into a ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ on Sunday morning, will not affect Mumbai as severely as initially feared, as the system continued its path along the western coast of the country.

Which storm is coming in India?

The cyclone made landfall in the region of Saurashtra between Diu and Una at around 15:30 UTC (21:00 IST). After landfall, Tauktae weakened to a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm.

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Tauktae.

Extremely severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Duration May 14 – May 19
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Why is Mumbai on high alert?

The Regional Meteorological Centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a “red alert” for Mumbai, predicting heavy to very heavy rainfall in the country’s financial capital on Wednesday. … Heavy rains lashed the city, causing roads and markets to be flooded and subways closed.

Is storm coming in Mumbai today?

Cloudy with a 75% chance for rain and thunderstorms. High temperature around 82F. Dew point will be around 77F with an average humidity of 87%. Winds will be 17 mph from the WSW.

What is orange alert?

An orange alert is issued when there is a forecast of rain and thundershowers, along with heavy rainfall in isolated pockets accompanied with gusty winds of 30-40kmph.

What time will cyclone Tauktae hit Mumbai?

The tropical storm which has intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm was packing wind speeds of about 20 kmph and is expected to reach Gujarat coast by the evening and cross it between 8 pm and 11 pm, the IMD said. Meanwhile, the Cyclone Tauktae has ravaged Maharashtra, killing six people and injuring nine.

Is Tauktae cyclone dangerous?

Formed in the Arabian Sea, Cyclone Tauktae has killed 104 people so far, which is more than the toll from any single cyclone from the Arabian Sea over the last one decade. Tauktae was only the second ‘Extremely Severe Cyclone’ category storm to hit Gujarat in 23 years.

What is the name of the next cyclone in India?

After Yaas and Tauktae, the next cyclone in Indian ocean will be named ‘Gulaab’; Know why. Yaas, named by Oman, refers to a Jasmine-like tree with a good fragrance. Whereas Tauktae, a Burmese name, was named by Myanmar meaning ‘gecko’, a highly vocal lizard, in the local dialect.

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