Which is known as granary of South India?

The Thanjavur district is famously known as the “Granary of South India”, since the rule of Chola dynasty. This district lies at the Kaveri delta region, the most fertile region in the Tamil Nadu state. The district is the main rice producing region in the state and therefore known as “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu”.

Which city was famous for its granaries in South India?

Thiruvarur was one of the five traditional capitals of the Chola Empire. Thiruvarur district is popularly known as “the Granary of South India”. The name originally attributed to the composite Thanjavur district.

Which is known as rice bowl of Tamil Nadu?

Thanjavur district is called ‘The Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu‘ because of its agricultural activities in the delta region of river Cauvey.

Which state is called yarn bowl of India?

Answer: Tamil Nadu is known as the yarn bowl of India..

Which country is known as rice bowl of the world?

Thailand and Vietnam are known as the world’s rice bowl, accounting for 48 per cent of global exports. Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, has the earliest evidence of growing rice. It has the highest percentage of arable land, among which 55% of the arable land area is used for rice production.

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Which city is known as bowl of rice?

Koppal, Ballari and Raichur districts and popularly known as the “rice bowl of Karnataka”. These places belong to the Tungabhadra command area. Due to deficient rainfall, farmers are struggling to grow crops.

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