Why is kissing not allowed in India?

India considers public kissing an obscene act. It is not aligned with the prevailing Indian custom. Even when you are inside a car and kissing – a police officer can interrupt you in the middle of your session. The obscene act referred to by the penal code includes the public display of affection.

Why Indians do not kiss in public?

It is obscene in India because we do not kiss in public. … All the People who protests for this act should learn that kissing is not a big deal. Guy and girls attracts, kisses, fall into love, have sex and life goes on.

Is kissing against Indian culture?

From the land of Kama Sutra, where temples are carved with deities performing various sexual acts, there are millions who say that kissing in public is “against our culture“. To these people I recommend knowing your “culture” before speaking. … Protesters say that kids might see a couple kissing and get the wrong ideas.

What country can you not kiss in public?

Dubai, UAE

You definitely don’t want to mess around in Dubai, where kissing in public is illegal. Same goes for “petting,” so keep those paws in your pockets.

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Is kissing bad in India?

According to recent judgments, kissing is not an obscene act by itself. In higher levels of the judiciary in India kissing in public is not universally treated as an illegal act. The judgments state it as an expression and compassion of love, an act that conveys the message of protection and security.

Can a Hindu kiss?

But for many years, Indian couples did not widely embrace kissing, at least not in public. … In India, most marriages are still arranged, and the rate of sex before marriage is low, according to a government survey, so passionate kissing among the unmarried has long been discouraged.

Do Indian parents show affection?

Indian parents show their love in every way possible by expression their emotions in action. The most common way is by cooking food, I mean mothers. But if you deep dive, there’s love in every action they do. From the time, they are pregnant, they devotee their time to focus on providing for the child.

Do Indians use toilet paper?

Do they use toilet paper in India? … Toilet paper is not standard use in India. Rather, squat toilets are the standard type of toilet and it is expected that you will clean yourself afterward using water from a hand bidet sprayer, butterfly jet, hand shower or even a bucket of water.

Do Indians kiss weddings?

The Hindu wedding ceremony, which takes place on the third day, usually lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours and is then followed by the reception. … Traditionally, there is no kiss at the end of a Hindu wedding ceremony as it is considered too personal for such a public setting.

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Did Indians invent kissing?

Yes, the kiss—that glorious symbol of amorous and erotic love—originated in India. In fact, the first recorded kiss is found in our ancient Sanskrit scriptures, dating around 1500 BC.

Is kissing allowed in China?

Of course kissing in public is acceptable for most Chinese people.

Why do we kiss with tongue?

To allow us to explore another person’s genes before making babies with them, the body suspends the feeling of disgust and sparks the urge to kiss. “Research shows that sexual arousal lessen feelings of disgust,” says Dr Johns. … And that is why we love kissing with tongues even though it’s gross.

Is kissing in public a crime in USA?

Decency laws do not allow public displays of affection. … Kissing is considered “an offense to public decency“.

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