You asked: Who can lodge FIR in India?

Anyone who knows about the commission of a cognizable offence can file an FIR. It is not necessary that only the victim of the crime should file an FIR. A police officer who comes to know about a cognizable offence can file an FIR himself/herself. being committed.

What is difference between complaint and FIR?

A complaint may relate to a cognizable or non-cognizable offence. When a FIR is lodged, a policer officer starts with investigating the matter. Whereas, when complaint is filed no investigation is done by the police officer until directed by the competent authority. … No prescribed format is given for filing a complaint.

Is FIR a criminal record?

Why is the FIR an important document in a criminal case? The FIR is admissible as evidence in court which is why it is a very important document. The Karnataka Police manual says “It is the earliest record made of the alleged offence before there is time for its particulars to be embellished or forgotten.

Who can file an FIR under CRPC?

FIR can be filed by the following persons: 1) By an aggrieved person or somebody on his behalf. (b) hearsay account. 3) By the accused himself.

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How can I write FIR in India?


  1. Person filing the FIR must mention his name and address on the FIR.
  2. The Date, Time and Location of the incident which is being reported is one of the most essential requirement.
  3. The person shall state true facts of the incidents as it occurred and should mnipulate the orignal facts.

What is the time limit for filing an FIR?

Advocate Divesh Sharma. First, while there’s no time limit for filing an FIR, make sure it is filed as soon as possible. If there’s a delay in filing, the informant should have a valid reason for not filing the FIR immediately.

What is FIR and its types?

First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. Cognizable Offence is an offence is one in which the police may arrest a person without warrant. … Even a telephonic message can be treated as an FIR.

Will false FIR affect my career?

It may effect your career if you are convicted however arrest may influence your LIU report for government job. You may file for quashing of FIR to get rid of the case u/s 482 of the Cr. P.C before the concerned High Court.

Can a case be withdrawn after FIR?

Once registered, an FIR cannot be withdrawn. Either during the course of trial your statements in his favour shall help your friends case of defense and he will be acquitted OR he can go for quashing of the FIR in the HC. Dear Client, FIR can only by quashed by the High Court.

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Can someone with FIR leave the country?

Only registration of FIR does not bar you to leave country until unless further action has been taken I.e. arrest or challan presentation. It also depends on the nature of allegation means under which section FIR has been registered and the role attributed to the accused.

What is FIR and its procedure?

First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. … Anyone can report the commission of a cognizable offence either orally or in writing to the police. Even a telephonic message can be treated as an FIR.

What is the punishment for false FIR?

Punishment for false FIR:

Furnishing false information to a police officer is a punishable offence as per Sec. 182 of the Indian Penal Code and is punishable with imprisonment up to six months. Further making a false charge against a person is also punishable as per Sec. 211 of the Indian Penal Code.

What is the difference between FIR and zero FIR?

The only difference between the FIR and the Zero FIR is that FIR is lodged as a complaint by the informant where the incident has occurred in the area in which the police station has the jurisdiction to conduct an investigation whereas a Zero FIR can be lodged in any police station irrespective of the incident …

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