You asked: Why the Chinese pilgrims came to India name two Chinese pilgrims who visited India?

Fa-Hien and Hieun -Tsang are the name of two Chinese pilgrims who visited India to study Buddhism. Explanation: Buddhism is a religion and philosophy derived from the tradition of India. Its founder was Mahatma Buddha Shakyamuni (Gautama Buddha).

What is pilgrims write the name of two Chinese pilgrims?

The most famous are Faxian, Xuanzang, and Yijing, who left written accounts of their travels. For all these pilgrims, seeing works of art—which they encountered at temples, monasteries, and private shrines across India—was an essential part of their Buddhist education.

Who were pilgrims name two famous Buddhist pilgrims who came to India?

Fa Xran, Xuan Zang and I-Qing were the famous Chinese Buddhist pilgrims who came to India to visit places associated with the life of the Buddha. They also visited famous monasteries.

What do you mean by pilgrims name the Chinese Buddhist pilgrims who visited India about 1600 1400 years ago?

Chinese Buddhist pilgrims who visited India were Fa Xian, who came 1600 years ago and Xuan Zang, and who came around 1400 years ago.

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Who was the first Chinese pilgrim in India?

Faxian (337 CE – c. 422 CE) was a Chinese Buddhist monk and translator who traveled by foot from China to India, visiting sacred Buddhist sites in Central, South and Southeast Asia between 399 and 412 to acquire Buddhist texts.

What are Chinese pilgrims?

Chinese pilgrims played a key role in the exchanges between ancient India and ancient China. They introduced new texts and doctrines to the Chinese clergy, carried Buddhist paraphernalia for the performance of rituals and ceremonies, and provided detailed accounts of their spiritual journeys to India.

When did Hiuen Tsang visited India?

Xuan Zang (Hiuen Tsang) visited India during Harsha Vardhana’s reign in the 7th Century AD, in search of Buddhist scriptures. His journey became part of traditional Chinese lore when narrated in a later period book called “A Journey to the West”.

Why did Chinese pilgrims visit India?

Chinese pilgrims visited India because they wanted to study Buddhism, collect Buddhist texts and visit Buddhist monasteries.

Why did Chinese pilgrims come to India?

Answer: The Chinese pilgrims came to India to visit places associated with the life of Buddha as well as famous monasteries. They spent time studying in Nalanda, the most famous Buddhist monastery of the period.

Which Chinese pilgrims visited India during the Gupta period?

Faxian (or Fa Hsien etc.), a Chinese Buddhist, was one of the pilgrims who visited India during the reign of the Gupta emperor Chandragupta II.

Who was Xuan Zang Class 6?

Xuan zang was a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveller, and translator who travelled to India in the sixth century and described the interaction between Chinese Buddhism and Indian Buddhism during the early Tang dynasty. Xuan Zang was a Chinese pilgrim who visited India during King Harshavardhana’s reign.

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What is meant by Bhakti Class 6?

Answer: Bhakti is generally understood as a person’s devotion to his or her chosen deity. … Those who followed the system of Bhakti emphasized devotion and individual worship of a single god or goddess, rather than the performance of elaborate sacrifices.

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