Your question: How many cc is the Indian Chief Dark Horse?

Indian Chief Dark Horse is powered by 1890 cc engine. This Chief Dark Horse engine generates a torque of 162 Nm @ 3200 rpm. Indian Chief Dark Horse gets Disc brakes in the front and rear. The kerb weight of Chief Dark Horse is 304 Kg.

How many cc’s is an Indian chief?

Indian Chief (motorcycle)

1950 Indian Chief Black Hawk
Manufacturer Hendee Manufacturing Company, Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company
Predecessor Indian Powerplus
Class Cruiser
Engine Four-stroke 42° V-twin engine, 61 cu in (1,000 cc) (1922-1928) 74 cu in (1,210 cc) (1923-1942, 1946-1948) 80 cu in (1,300 cc) (1950-1953)

How much is a 2021 Indian Chief?

2022 Indian Chief/Chief Dark Horse Specifications

MSRP: $14,999–$15,799/$16,999–$17,499
Seat Height: 26.0 in.
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal.
Claimed Wet Weight: 670 lb.
Availability: April 2021

What is the most powerful Indian motorcycle?

We have raised the bar for American motorcycles with our most powerful engine to date, the PowerPlus. The all-new 108 cu in, liquid-cooled V-twin engine delivers a class leading 122 hp and 128 ft-lbs of torque, establishing a new standard for V-twin performance.

Is the Indian Chief Dark Horse air-cooled?

Powering the Dark Horse is Indian’s Thunderstroke 116, an engine that I have put about 15,000 delightful miles on since 2019.

2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse Specs.

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Engine Type: Air-cooled V-twin
Wheels, Front/Rear: Cast; 19 x 3.5 in. / 16 x 5 in.

How much does an Indian dark horse cost?

But like the Chief Vintage in the Indian lineup, this model features valanced fenders, 111ci Thunder Stroke V-twin engine, cruise control, keyless ignition, rear cylinder deactivation at stops, and three ride modes.

2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse Claimed Specifications.

Price $18,499
Wet Weight 768 lb.

How much is a 2022 Indian Chief?

2022 Indian Chief Claimed Specifications

MSRP: $14,499–$15,799
Seat Height: 26.0 in.
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal.
Wet Weight: 670 lb.

How much does an Indian chieftain dark horse cost?

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse Pricing

MSRP starts at $28k for basic black and runs up to $29.7k for colors. The 2021 Chieftain Dark Horse rolls in the Thunder Black Smoke model for $27,999.

How much does the new Indian Chief weigh?

Powered by the Thunderstroke 111 that makes 108 lb-ft of torque (claimed), it has a slim headlight bucket, exposed preload-adjustable rear shocks and optional ABS. With a wet weight of 670 pounds, it’s the lightest model in the Chief lineup.

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