Your question: How many times India lost Test series in India?

Opponent Australia
Matches 143
Won 53
Lost 80

How many teams have won a Test series in India?

As of June 2021, India played 551 Test matches resulting in 162 victories, 170 defeats, 218 draws and 1 tie for an overall winning percentage of 29.40. Statistics are correct as of India v New Zealand at Rose Bowl, 2019-21 ICC World Test Championship Final, 18-23 June 2021.

Which team has won most Test series?

As of March 2021, the most successful team in Test cricket, in terms of both wins and win percentage, is Australia, having won 393 of their 830 Tests (47.24%).

Team wins, losses and draws.

Team Australia
First Test match 15 March 1877
Matches 834
Won 394
Lost 226

How many series have India lost at home?

India has developed a reputation of being particularly difficult to beat at home, having lost only two Test series since 1986–87.

What is India’s lowest score in Test?

India’s lowest totals in Test cricket

Team Score Opposition
India 36 v Australia
India 42 v England
India 58 v Australia
India 58 v England

Who is highest score in ODI?

Highest individual score in One Day International cricket as of June 2021, by player

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Characteristic Number of runs scored
RG Sharma (India vs Sri Lanka – 2014) 264
MJ Guptill (New Zealand vs West Indies – 2015)* 237
V Sehwag (India vs West Indies – 2011) 219
CH Gayle (West Indies vs Zimbabwe – 2015) 215

What is the shortest ever Test match?

According to Guinness World Records, the shortest Test match ever was the first Test between England and Australia at Trent Bridge, Nottingham in June, 1926, in which there were just 50 minutes play and 17.2 overs bowled.

What is the lowest score of India in ODI?

Lowest ODI Team Score in World Cricket

Team Against Score
Canada England 45/10
Namibia Australia 45/10
India Sri Lanka 54/10
West Indies South Africa 54/10
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