PDMMC, Amravati

Infrastructure of Anesthesiology Department

Offices for Heads of Departments and Heads of Units 20 sq.m
Accommodations for other unit staff. 20 sq.m
Clinical demonstration rooms (at least one for each department) 20 sq.m
Departmental Library –cum-Seminar room (30sq.mt) with a seating capacity of 50 students – 30 sq.m
Demonstration Room. 75 Sq.mt
Departmental Library 30 Sq.mt
Professor & Head of Department 12x16
Assoc prof./Reader 15.Sq.mt.
Asst.Prof./Lecture 20Sq.mt.
Tutors/Demonstrators 20Sq.mt.
Department office cum Clerical room 12Sq.mt
Working Accomodation for Non Teaching Staff. 12Sq.mt.