PDMMC, Amravati


Sr. No. Name of Faculty and author no Title of research publication/article in original language References of the journal and issue in which published Indexed/ISSN/ISBN no. Volume and number Year
1 1)DrVinodWasnik
3) Mr.Shrinivas
A Study of the Health Status of Early adolescent Girls residing in Social Welfare Hostels in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh State, India International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health Vol. 4 Indexed
ISSN 1840-4529
Vol 4
January 2012
2 1) Dr. Jawarkar AK
2) Dr. Lokare PO
3) Miss Dore
Study on socio-demographic and maternal detriments of low birth weight Journal of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Indexed
Vol 17,
September 2012
3 1)Dr.Jawarkar AK
2)Dr.Jyoti Jawarkar
3)Dr.Pushpa Lokare
A case report on Twin to twin transfusion in Monozygotic twins New Indian Journal of Pediatrics Indexed
Vol-1 October-December 2012
4 1)Dr.Vinod Wasnik
2) Dr.Manoj Rathi
Effect of locally made Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food ( Mushpro Health Drink Powder – MHDP) for Treatment of Malnutrition on Children Aged 6 to 72 Months in Rural area Amravati District of Maharashtra, India International Conference on Nutrition and Food sciences IPCBEE Vol 39 (2012) IACSIT Press Singapore. Indexed
ISSN 1840-4529
5 1) Dr.Rajendra Dhore
2)Dr.Vinod Wasnik
Vitamin D status of apparently healthy early adolescents in Amravati City of Maharashtra, India International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine &Public Health Indexed
ISSN 1840-4529
Oct. 2013
6 1)Dr.Vinod Wasnik
2)Dr.Jawarkar AK
3)Dr. D.M. Dhumale
Study of family planning practices with special reference to unmet need among married women in rural area of Amravati district of Maharashtra Indian Journal of Community Health Indexed
ISSN ONLINE: 2248-9509
Vol 25 Issue 4 Dec 2013
7 1) Dr.Rajendra Dhore
2)Dr.Akshay Dhore
4)Nilesh jadhav
Effect of BromocriptineMesylate as Add on Therapy in Obese Type 2 Diabetes Mailitus Patients. Iranian Journal of Diabetes & Obesity Indexed Vol-5
10 Feb 2014
Vol 5,No 2
8 1)Dr. D.M. Dhumale
2)Dr.Pushpa Lokare
3)Dr.Jawarkar AK
Socio-demographic determinants of medical termination of pregnancy and its association with contraceptive practices International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences Indexed
ISSN: 2277-2103
Vol-4 no-2 May August 2014
9 1) Dr. Lokare PO
2) Dr.Karanjekar VD
3) Dr.Jawarkar AK
Determinants of gender preference and its relation with reproductive behavior among pregnant women Indian Journal of Community health Indexed
July –September 2014
10 1)Dr. Manjusha Deotale
3) Dr.Mankeshwar
3)Dr.S.V. Akarte,
Study of cardiovascular risk factors in premenopausal and postmenopausal women in an urban community. International Journal of Current Medical and Applied sciences INDEXED Indexed
September -2014
11 Dr.Neelam Rathod
Dr.Priya Warbhe
Assessment of Nutrition Status Children in Selected Wards of an Urban Area International VOl-08
Vol-8 2014
12 Dr.Sy.Ansari
Dr.Priya Warbhe
Assessment of The Knowledge and Practicw Regarding Personal Hygiene Among School Children From an Urban Area International Journal of Current Medical And Applied Sciences Vol-4 Issue -1 ISSN -2321-9335 Vol-4 Sept 2014
13 Dr.P.A. Warbhe
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Its Association With Epidemiological Factors – An Urban Setting Study International Journal of Current Medical And Applied Sciences Vol-2
Issue 3
Vol-02 2014
14 1)Dr. Manjusha Deotale
3) Dr.Mankeshwar
4)Dr.S.V. Akarte,
Study of epidemiological features Of health problems in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women in an urban community International Journal of Medicine and Public Health Indexed
ISSN: Online 2230-8598
Vol 5
April-June 2015
15 1)V.R.Wasnik
Community-Based Study to Assess the Morbidity Profile of the Geriatric Population in a Rural Area of Amravati District of Maharashtra, India International Journal of Health Sciences and Research ISSN: 2249-9571
February 2015
16 1)Dr.Dhumale DM
2)Dr.Wasnik VR
3)Dr.Jawarkar AK
A study of nutritional status of school going adolescent girls in Rural area of Amravati district of Maharashtra International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences ISSN: 2249-5894
Jan 2015
17 1)Ajay K Jawarkar
3)Vinod R Wasnik
A Case of Hypereosinophila of Unknown Significance Sch J Med Case Rep ISSN 2347-6559
March 2015
18 1)Dr.M.K.Deotale,
3)Dr.S.V. Akarte,
Epidemiological study of socio-demographic and cultural determinants of domestic violence among married women International journal of recent advances in multidisciplinary research Indexed
March 2015
19 1)Dr.Naresh Tayade
2) DR Manjusha Deotale
Systemic Onset Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Don’t be fool by Positive Serology (case report) Scholers journal of Medical Case Reports Indexed
ISSN 2347-6559 (Online)
ISSN 2347-9507 (Print)
Vol 3
20 1)Dr. Lokare P. O.
2)Dr. Deotale M. K
3)Dr. Jawarkar A. K.
Assessment of quality of life of elderly population at old age homes. International journal of current research. Indexed
ISSN: 0975-833X
April, 2015
21 1)Dr. Deotale M. K
2)Dr. Jawarkar A. K.
3)Dr. Lokare P. O.
Study of morbidity profile of elderly at old age homes and its association with disability International journal of innovative research and development. Indexed
ISSN 2278 – 0211 (Online)
April, 2015
22 1)Deotale MK
2)U. Ranganathan,
3)S. V. Akarte
Prevalence of obesity among medical students and their knowledge, attitude and practices about obesity. International journal of scientific report. Indexed
May 2015
23 1)Dr.Naresh Tayade
2)Dr. Manjusha Deotale
Methemoglobinemia due to Hepatitis A Virus in G 6 pd deficiency (letter to editor) Pediatric on call journal Indexed
24 1) Shemar H,
2) Gupta SS
3) Raut AV
4) Maliye C
5) Dambhare DG
6) Garg BS
Effect of Community-Based Program for Promotion of Early Childhood Development on Nutritional Outcomes of Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition in 6-35 months of Age International Journal of Health Sciences & Research Vol.5; Issue: 5; Indexed
ISSN: 2249-9571
May 2015
25 1)Dr. V.R. Wasnik,
2) Dr.Mahakalkar
3) Dr A.K. Jawarkar
Study of Lifestyle related risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Amravati City International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Indexed
pISSN 2320-6071 | eISSN 2320-6012 IF 7.3
Vol 1 Issue 4 2015
26 1)Hrishikesh Sawdekar,
2)Dr.Radha Sawdekar,
3)Dr.Vinod R. Wasnik
Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of bacterial isolates from wound infection and their sensitivity to antibiotic agents at super specialty hospital, Amravati city, India International journal of research in medical sciences pISSN 2320-6071 |
eISSN 2320-6012
Vol -3
27 1)Dr.Ajay Jawarkar
3)Dr Anuradha k.
4)Dr.Jyoti Jawarkar
Prevalence of anemia and effectiveness of iron supplementation in anemic adolescent school girls at Amravati city ,Maharashtra Journal of health research and reviews Indexed Vol-2
28 1)Dr.Vinod Ramdasji Wasnik
2)Dr. Digamber Dhumale,
3)Dr.Ajay Keshavrao Jawarkar
A study of the menstrual pattern and problems among rural school going adolescent girls of Amravati district of Maharashtra, India International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences pISSN 2320-6071 |
eISSN 2320-6012
issue 5
29 Dr.J.S.Shete
Dr.Priya Warbhe
Class Absenteeism Among Female Medical Students: A Study Reflecting Its Association With Common Menstrual Disorders International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Sciences Vol-6
Issue -7
P.P. .5307-5309
Vol-6 July 2015
30 Dr.Priya Warbhe
Dr.Rupesh Warbhe
Morbidity Profile Health Seeking Behaviour And Home Environment Survey For Adaptive Measures in Geriatric Population – Urban Community Study International Journal of Medical Research Health Sciences Vol-4 Vol-4 Sept 2015
31 Dr.LalitKumar Sankhe
Dr.Pallavi Uplap
Dr.Chhaya Rajguru
Dr.S.V. Akarte
Dr.Priya Warbhe
Radiation and Health : Exploring Unmet Educational Needs of Health Care Professionals – an Indian Experience Journal of Medical Science And Clinical Research Vol-03
Issue -06
ISSN- 2347-176 x
Vol-03 2015 June
32 1)A.K. Jawarkar
2)Himani Rathod
3)V.R. Wasnik
4)Manisha Chavan
Domestic Violence against women: A Crossectional study in rural area of Amravati District of Maharashtra,India International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Indexed
pISSN 2320-6071 |
eISSN 2320-6012 IF 7.3
Vol 4
issue 7
July 2016
33 Dr.S.S.Pande
Perception of Trained Faculty about Basic Course in Medical Education Technology: Suggestions & Recommendations JHSE, Vol 3,
No. 2
34 1)Dr. V.R. Wasnik,
2) Dr A.K. Jawarkar
Prevalence of prehypertension and hypertension in rural area of Amravati District of Maharashtra, India International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Indexed
pISSN 2320-6071 |
eISSN 2320-6012 IF 7.3
Vol 4
no 2
Feb 2016
35 1)Dr A.K. jawarkar
2) Dr.Pushpa Lokare
3)Dr.Anuradha K
4) Dr.Jyoti Jawarkar
5) Dr.Sandhya kale
Study on effectiveness & Outcome of mifeprostone & misoprostol in medical termination of Pregnancy International Journal of Health & allied Sciences Issue - 1
Sci 2017;6:35-8.
Vol-6 Jan 2017
36 1) Dr.A.K.Jawarkar
2) Dr.V.R.Wasnik
Self Medications Practices Amongst Elderly Population In Urban Health Centre of Amravati District of Maharashtra ,India Journal of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics Issue – 1b 3:118:-123 Vol -13
Sept 2017
37 1) Dr. Naresh Tayade
2) Dr.Manjusha Deotale
Awareness about sickle cell Anemia in Young Adults in Amravati International Journal Volume -1 July – Sept 2018
38 Dr.D.P.Ghundiyal Study of Assessment of Nerve Conduction Velocity in Diabetic Patients : Cross Sectional Study International ISSN No-2456-4095 Sept 2019
39 Dr.D.P.Ghundiyal Prevalence and some epidemiological factors of Beta thalassaemia trait in Sindhi community of Nagpur city ,India Indian Journal of Public Health Index Copernicus
ISSN No.-0019-557X
Jan-March 2008
40 Dr.D.P.Ghundiyal A study to assess the prevalence of anemia and its sociodemographic factors among women of an urban slum of Mankhurd Indian Journal of Applied research ( December 2019) Index
P ISSN No. 2249-555X
Issue no. -12
Dec 2019
41 Dr.V.R.Lunge Socio- Demographic Profile & Outcome of Management of Tuberculosis in Rural Setup in Vidharbha Indian Journal of Basic And Applied Medical Research 2250-284x,
March 2019
42 Dr.V.R.Lunge Prevalence of Obesity among male adolescents in rural population Future risk of Cardiovascular disease Indian Journal of Basic And Applied Medical Research ISSN -2250-2858 June 2019
43 Dr.V.R.Lunge An Integrated Problem based curriculum approach for biochemistry teaching :Observational Study Indian Journal of Basic And Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2250-284x June 2019
44 Dr.V.R.Lunge Prevalence of Lymphatic Filariasis in a tribal area of Maharashtra International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health ISSN No- 2394-6040 Feb-2019
45 Dr.V.R.Lunge Prevalence of Purpose of Gadget Use among Medical Students International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health ISSN No-2394-6040 Feb-2019
46 Dr.V.R.Lunge Habit Pattern and Perceptions of harm of smokeless tobacco in vidharbha region in Maharashtra Indian Journal of Basic And Applied Medical Research ISSN No-2250-2858 March-2019
47 Dr.V.R.Lunge Study of Assessment of Incidence of additions in rural population in Vidharbha Indian Journal of Basic And Applied Medical Research Vol-8
Issue -4
P PISSN-2250-264X
EISSN- 2250-2858
Sept -2019
48 Dr. T. Lanjewar
Dr. P. Warbhe
(2nd Author)
Clinical and bacteriological profile of urinary tract infection in diabetes mellitus patients: An evaluative study Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research ISSN- 2455-0450 Volume 7 issue 12 December 2019
49 Dr.Vinod R Wasnik1,
Dr.Ajay K Jawarkar2
Morbidities of Patients Attending Free Health Camp in Rural Area of Amravati District of Maharashtra, India National Journal of Community Medicine│ pISSN 0976 3325│ Volume 10│Issue 4│April 2019 2019
50 Dr Anuradha
(4th author)
Epidemiological determinants of road traffic accidents :a cross sectional study in Amravati,Maharashtra,India International journal of Community Medicine and public health pISSN 2394-6032,
eISSN 23946040,
March 2020