PDMMC, Amravati

Department of Dentistry


Routine Dental Procedures

  1. Restoration of carious teeth.

    • Glass Ionomer filling.

    • Pulp capping.

    • Inlays.

  2. Root canal treatment.

  3. Scaling and polishing.

  4. Digital dental X-rays.

  5. Extraction of teeth.

  6. Paediatric dentistry

Minor Surgical Procedures

  1. Wisdom tooth surgery.

  2. Other minor surgical procedures viz Dental cyst, Biopsy, Close reduction of fractures.

Major Surgical Procedures

  1. Oral cancer surgery.

  2. Maxillofacial/facial fractures surgery.

  3. Cleft lip and palate surgery

  4. Temporo-Mandibular joint surgery.

  5. Oral submucous fibrosis surgery.

  6. Other benign tumor/cyst of maxillofacial region.

Prosthetic Rehabilitation

  1. Partial dentures.

  2. Complete dentures.

  3. Crown and bridge.