PDMMC, Amravati

Department of Forensic Medicine


       Department is located in the beautiful college building. It is spacious, with a practical laboratory, demonstration room, library cum seminar room, well set museum, office and rooms for staff and shared air-conditioned lecture hall. Department is spread over area of about 500 square meters. Numerous specimens, bones, skiagrams, photographs, weapons, models, charts, poisons, etc are on display. There is a well-equipped laboratory as per the curriculum for Undergraduate course.

Office Accommodation
Sr.No. Room Area
1. Professor & Head 18 sq. mt.
2. Associate Prof./ Reader 15 sq.mt.
3. Assistant Professor/Lecture 12 sq.mt.
4. Demonstrator/Tutor 15 sq.mt.
5. Non – teaching and Clerical staff 12 sq.mt.
6. Library cum Seminar room 30 sq.mt.
7. Demonstration room 45 sq.mt.
8. Research Laboratory 50 sq.mt.
9. Forensic Medicine Laboratory 150 sq.mt.
10. Museum 150 sq.mt.