PDMMC, Amravati

Facilities of Microbiology Department

Facilities for students:

  • Practical & Postgraduate Research Laboratory equipped with PCR & BACTEC
  • Museum having 19 models, 8 specimens, 44 Micro photographs, 19 Scientists photographs, 12 Media models and 12 Vaccines.
  • Departmental Library - No. of Books. 194 ,No. of Journals – 71

Facilities for Patients- Investigations done in Microbiology Department

  • Routine culture , Blood culture, Milk culture, Mycobacterial culture, Fungal culture & sensitivity.
  • Automated blood culture with BACTEC
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic culture for O.T. surveillance.
  • Water potability testing
  • Skin clipping for AFB
  • Skin scrapping for fungus
  • Serological investigations
  • Stool examination for ova & cyst.
  • Specialized investigations for Scrub typhus, Leptospira, Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis A,B,C& E, HIV, Chikungunya .
  • ELISA for HIV, Hbs Ag, TORCH, Dengue ,Scrub, Brucella, HCV
  • PCR for Mycobacterium tuberculosis & MDR TB.
  • True Nat and RT PCR for Covid 19 testing

Facilities for staff :

  • Staff room
  • Departmental library/Cum Seminar room

Any special feature unique to the Department

  • Biomedical waste management of the hospital
  • Hospital infection control surveillance
  • Antibiotic policy of the hospital
  • Central Animal House Establishment facility
  • Participation in External Quality Assurance programmes of Bacteriology & Serology ,Mycology, Parasitology
  • True Nat and RT PCR for Covid 19 testing.

Remark of Head of Department if any: