PDMMC, Amravati

Facilities of Pathology Department

Facilities for students

  1. Research work is assisted for technical expertise and infrastructure of the departmental labs, Department Research Lab and Central Research Lab

  2. Guidance by senior faculty members.

  3. If required investigations are done free of charge.

  4. For statistical analysis guidance is provided by Statistician from Dept of PSM.

  5. Guidance for Publication of Research work provided by senior faculty members.

  6. For presentation of Research work in conference / CME, the institute provides financial assistance.

  7. Central & departmental library facility with adequate number of books & internet connection.

  8. Computers , LCD Projectors & video microscopes with microphotography facility.

  9. Pentahead microscope available. Grossing station & Autopsy station is available.

  10. Facilities /Services for patients

    1. HPLC- Biorad- D10
    2. Nephelometery
    3. Immuno florescence
    4. Electrophoresis (Biorad D10) (Sebia)
    5. Hb & Protein Electrophoresis,
    6. All routine clinical Pathology
    7. Hematology with Coagulation Studies
    8. Serology
    9. Immunology
    10. Pathology Investigations
    11. Binocular Microscopes
    12. Automated Blood Cell Counter
    13. Haematology Analyzer
    14. Whole human blood
    15. Packed red blood cell
    16. Platelets concentrate
    17. Platelet Rich plasma
    18. Single Donor Platelet (SDP) by Apheresis
    19. Fresh Frozen Plasma
    20. Washed Red Blood Cells
    21. Fully Automated ELISA Processor
    22. Gel Cards for Blood Grouping and cross Matching
    23. Histopathology investigations
    24. Cancer Testing
    25. Frozen Section & Immunohistochemistry
    26. Pap Smear
    27. FNAC
    28. Fluid Cytology
    29. Liquid Based Cytology
    30. Hormones & Tumour Marker (on Access-2)
    31. True Cut Biopsy
  11. Facilities for staff: Available as per MCI Requirements.

  12. Any special feature unique to the dept.
    (I) Highest number of Blood units collection & issue ( in the Medical Colleges of the Division )of components from Blood Bank.
    (II) Frozen Section & True Cut Biopsy on regular basis.

  13. Community services provided by dept.

    1. Blood Donation Camps

    2. Pap Smear Camps

    3. Blood Group Checkup Camps

    4. Thalassemia Camps

    5. Anaemia camps.

    6. Diagnostic Camps.

          8) Remark of Head of Department if any-Nil