PDMMC, Amravati

Facilities of Pediatrics Department

Facilities for student

1) 10 Weeks Clinical Posting in Pediatric Ward and OPD .Theory Lectures. Bedside clinics in ward, seminar room in department.

2) Mentorship for the Students

3) Departmental Library

4) LCD Projector

5)Overhead Projector

6) Opportunity for research

7) Extra Classes for UG Students in the form of tutorials

Facilities / Services for patients

1) OPD Services , IPD Services

2) Best Practice Counseling related to milk Bank

3) Specialty clinics daily in OPD for Thalessemia , Asthma, Well Baby clinic , Immunization clinic & Neurology clinic

4) Mahatma Jyotibha Fule Jivandiyi Yojana for BPL Patients.

5) Health Checkup Camps in Melghat and other places monthly.

Facilities for staff-

1) All Facilities for research are available in the form of OPD, IPD patients, library with 189 books with national & internationals journals available.
Urban health center Belpura, Rural health center at Nerpingalai.

Any special feature unique to the dept.

(I) Human Milk Bank in Dept of Pediatrics

(II) Death Review Meeting monthly by Dept of Pediatrics.

Community services provided by dept.

1) Hospital Services including OPD & IPD including NICU & PICU.

2) Diagnostic Camp.

3) Human milk bank & Breast feeding promotion activity.

Remark of head of Department if any,