PDMMC, Amravati

Facilities of Psychiatry Department

Facilities for students

  • Books (130 books in departmental library)

  • Journals available in the Library ( 3 Journal subscriptions)

  • Facilities provided to staff and students for research projects

  • This department has a strong academic focus

  • Department conducts weekly teaching programmes, seminars and presentations for medical students and residents

  • Frequent visits by students learning Psychology from other colleges for clinical exposure

  • Departmental library facility in addition to medical college library for wide array of books and journals

  • Well maintained hostel facilities for living

A) Guidance by : 1) Teachers
2) Research Committee
3) Scientific Review Committee
4) Ethical Committee
B) References : 1) Books
2) Journals available in the Library
3) Internet facilities available in OPD, ward, department office and library

Facilities / Services for patients :

  • Blood alcohol concentration analyser

  • Lithium analyser

  • Biofeedback

  • Mental Health Packages for patients with Ayushman Bharat Card.

  • Psychological Testing

  • Neuropsychiatric consultation

  • Indoor & Outdoor treatment facilities

  • Counselling & Psychotherapeutics by an expert

  • EEG ( Electro encephalogram ) investigation

  • Portable EEG

  • ECT ( Electro convulsive therapy )

  • Special OPD for

    • Child guidance clinic

    • Epilepsy clinic

    • Sex clinic

    • Dementia clinic

    • Drug De-addiction Clinic

    • Psychomotor clinic

Facilities for Staff :

  1. Staff Room

  2. Library & Seminar Room

Any special feature unique to the Dept:

Community services provided by Dept

  1. Mental Health check up camps

  2. Free Diagnosis and Treatment camps for of patients with Mental illness

  3. Free Psychological Testing

  4. Screening camps for learning disorder in schools

  5. Alcoholics anonymous meetings weekly for patients with substance addiction problems

Remark of Head of Department if any