PDMMC, Amravati

Department of Psychiatry


Building MCI Requirement Available
Office Accomodation
a) Department office cum office Room 12 sq m Size 30 Sq. M
b) Professor & Head of the Department 18 sq m Size 38 Sq. M
c) Associate Professor’s / Reader Room 15 sq m Size 15 Sq. M
d) Assistant Professor/ Lecturer 14 sq m Size 12 Sq. M
e) Tutor / Senior Resident 14 sq m Size 12 Sq. M
OPD Block
a) Registration & Record Room Registration Area Common Registration for all OPD’s Size 38 Sq. M
b) Waiting Area 30 sq m 30 Sq. M
c) Consultation Chambers
- Professor & Head Room Size 18 Sq. M
- Associate Professor Room Size 18 Sq. M
- Assistant Professor / SR. Room Size 15 Sq. M
- Residents Room Size 15 Sq. M
- Psychologists Room Size 10 Sq. M
d) Clinical Demonstration Cum Library Room 30 sq m Size 30 Sq. M
e) Sanitation Area Size 15 Sq. M
f) EEG Room Size 15 Sq. M
g) Waiting Area Size 30 Sq. M
Indoor Ward Section
a) Male Ward (22 Beds) 3 Sections & 2 Private Rom
b) Female Ward (18 Beds) 2 Sections & 2 Private Room
C) Nurses Duty Room / Nursing Station 01 Room
D) Examination and Treatment Room 01 Room
e) Ward Pantry 01 Room
f) Store Room for linen and other equipment 01 Room
g) Resident Doctors and students duty Room 01 Room
h) Clinical Demonstration Room 01 Room 01 Room