PDMMC, Amravati


  1. X – RAY - Whole Body X –RAYS (EG.Chest ,Skull, PNS,Foot ,Hand ,Abdomen , Shoulder,ARM,Elbow,Wrist,HIP,Spine,Knee,)
    X-RAY INVESTIGESION :- (a)Barium Swallow,(b)Barium Meal Follow Through,(c)Barium Enema,(d)IVP, (e)H.S.G (f)M.C.U,(g) R.G.U (h)Fistulogram).
  2. MAMOGRAPHY :- BY / LAT Mammography
  3. USG :- Neurosonogram,neck,(thyroid scan),chest,abdpmen and pelvis,scrotum,upper,and lower,limb arterial and venous Doppler,renal doppler. 1st and tyimester anamoly scan, 3rd trimester scan with Doppler. USG Guided
  4. C.T.SCAN :- Brain, brain with angiography, neck,thorax,abdomenand pelvis, upper limb and lower limb scan, urography, jnee joint, ankle joint,pulmonary angiography. (All THE ABOVE SCAN PLAIN AND WITH CONTRAST).
  5. M.R.I. :- Brain, brain angiography and venography, whole spine screening with detailing of cervical, dorsal and lumbar spine, shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint, hand, hip joint, si joint, abdomen and pelvis with MRCP, knee joint, ankle joint, foot. (All the above scan plain and with contrast.