Does online legal India help?

Great platform

Online legal india has given a platform to the consumer where they can address their experience. Paulami Das who is assigned to my case seems to be very helpful and professional.

Online Legal India™ is a legal platform that came into existence due to raising fraud, imposter’s in our society. The thought behind is to serve the society at large. Initially started with Consumer Complaint after serving thousands of customers and being victorious at the same time.

Online Legal India is a fraud company which is pretending to be an associate of Zee News. We had given them money for FSSAI. Called many times before taking money, when these people paid, after 3 days we had to tell them to do our work. And when their people contacted us, they sent word files that you fill them.

Here we provide free online legal advice India over internet within minutes from our legal experts. However we always recommend you to consult with a good lawyer in person for your final decisions.

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What is legally India?

Legally India reports news and information relevant to Indian law firms, the Indian legal industry, Indian lawyers, international law firms and lawyers doing business in India. … – Legally India is editorially independent and does not serve to advance one point of view over another.

Is Vakilsearch trustworthy?

Vakilsearch is a friendly Company

Such an amazing Company where they even respond after their office hours.. and too they care their customer by responding all our queries whenever raised… Its such a friendly environmental company… as i had registered section 8 company… thanks for the entire team….

Is Voxya safe?

1. It is simple and secure. Voxya is a very easy and user-friendly platform for filing complaints online. You can you few steps to file your complaints.

What is consumer Complaints India?

WHO CAN FILE A CONSUMER COMPLAINT. At the outset, it is clear that the consumer can file a complaint against immoral and dishonest businessman. To be specific, as per Section – 2 of the Act, the Complainant may be: … any registered voluntary consumer association; or. the central government or any state government; or.

How do you make a consumer case?

What is the procedure to file a complaint in the Consumer Court?

  1. STEP 1: Intimation via Notice: …
  2. STEP 2: Get the Consumer Complaint Drafted: …
  3. STEP 3: Attach Relevant Documents: …
  4. STEP 4: Appropriate Forum: …
  5. STEP 5: Pay Requisite Court Fees: …
  6. STEP 6: Submit an Affidavit:

Can I get a lawyer for free in India?

No, free legal aid is not confined to cases before the subordinate Courts. Legal Aid is provided to the needy from the lowest Court to the Supreme Court of India. Legal Aid Counsel represent such needy persons before the lower Courts, High Courts and also before the Supreme Court of India.

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Can I file a case without a lawyer in India?

If you cannot afford or bare the high profile fees of lawyers you can file your lawsuit on your own, it is very much possible. … A normal person of course can file and argue his own case but power of attorney cannot be given to any person besides a lawyer or a legal person or legal professional.

What are the best websites to ask for free legal advice?

The best websites to ask for free legal advice

  • Avvo. Avvo is a well-known online platform providing legal services for free to its users. …
  • Quora. Quora is a connective platform to get in touch with all kinds of advice and answers to queries from different fields. …
  • …
  • Reddit. …
  • Rocket Lawyer.
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