Frequent question: Can u travel from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

The distance between Mumbai and Hyderabad is 619 km. The road distance is 707.8 km. … The best way to get from Mumbai to Hyderabad is to train which takes 15h 5m and costs ₹360 – ₹390. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₹600 – ₹900 and takes 16h 40m.

Can I travel from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

The travel time between Mumbai to Hyderabad is going to cut by almost 9.5 hours. … Notably, currently, the travel time between Mumbai to Hyderabad via trains is more than 10 hours. But this duration will be cut by almost 9.5 hours with the arrival of bullet trains.

Can I travel from Hyderabad to Mumbai by road?

The Distance between Hyderabad to Mumbai by road is 709KM.

How can I go to Hyderabad now?


  1. By Air. Nearest airport is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.
  2. By Train. Being the headquarter of South Central Railway; Hyderabad is well connected with all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bengaluru, Kochi, Kolkata. …
  3. By Road.
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Is quarantine compulsory in Mumbai for international travel?

International passengers arriving from any other country should home quarantine for 14 days. Before the travel date, you must submit Air Suvidha Self Reporting Form for COVID-19 online on Air Suvidha Portal. This is mandatory for all passengers, including children and infants.

Is Hyderabad safe to visit now?

Hyderabad is considered one of the safest cities in India, but it can still get pretty dangerous at times. The modern Hyderabad is pretty much westernized and women-friendly, but other parts should be avoided.

Is E-pass required to travel to Hyderabad?

The state government said that a valid travel pass was needed to cross the state border throughout the day. The government on Tuesday released a Government Order (GO), which said that “Passenger vehicles shall be regulated at the state borders all throughout the day and only passengers with epasses will be permitted.

How is the road from Hyderabad to Mumbai?

The road condition from Hyderabad to Mumbai is very good except for about 70 to 80 Km. Ie. from Karnataka boarder to about 10 Km before Solapur. While going we started from Hyderabad around 3.30 PM and reached Solapur by 9:15 PM.

How many tolls are there from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

It does have two tolls for 40 INR each. But the road is butter smooth with not even a single pothole.

How is the road from Hyderabad to Pune?

The route is pune-solapur-naldurg-omerga-humnabad-zaheerabad-hyderabad. The road is pretty good through out. A total of about 10 to 15 kms in all might be bad. Mostly 4 lane.

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Can I travel to airport during lockdown in Hyderabad?

Following queries, Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar clarified that passengers will be allowed to travel in cab during lockdown hours. … Airport authorities said authorised cab operators to and from the airport will run round the clock.

Are visitors allowed in Hyderabad airport?

We have a Visitors gallery at the International Departure hall for visitors and a designated area (Airport Village) outside the arrival hall. Is it possible to drop off and pick up someone in front of a terminal? Yes. Vehicles are permitted to pull up kerbside, but ONLY for picking up or dropping off passengers.

Is Hyderabad Open for Tourists?

With the lockdown lifted across Telangana, relieved residents preferred to visi Charminar and Golconda Fort, the frequented tourist heritage sites in Hyderabad, on Sunday.

Does quarantine is required for international travel?

If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel. Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

Do I need to quarantine after flying?

Am I required to quarantine after domestic travel? CDC does not require travelers to undergo a mandatory federal quarantine. However, CDC recommends that unvaccinated travelers self-quarantine after travel for 7 days with a negative test and for 10 days if they don’t get tested.

What is the quarantine rules in India for international Travellers?

Before Planning for Travel:

They should also give an undertaking on the portal that they would undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days i.e. 7 days paid institutional quarantine at their own cost, followed by 7 days isolation at home with self-monitoring of health.

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