Frequent question: How much horsepower does a Indian bobber have?

We tested the Indian on our in-house Cycle World dyno, recording horsepower and torque figures as part of our testing regiment. The Scout Bobber Sixty produced 67.83 hp at 7,140 rpm and 55.82 pound-feet of torque at 5,220 rpm.

Is bobber good for long rides?

The riding position though means speeds of 70mph and more soon become tiring. If your route involves lots of interstates then no, Bobbers aren’t the ideal motorcycle for long rides. It’s not just that you are sat upright and battling the constant air resistance on your chest either.

Can a bobber have two seats?

yeah, of course Bobbers can have two seats.

Is a Indian scout a girls bike?

The Scout is a rider’s bike. An amazingly quick, awesome handling, extremely fun, true rider’s bike. It is not a girly bike.

How fast can a Indian scout go?

Top Speed: 128 mph (Est.)

How fast is a Indian Scout bobber sixty?

The power figures are 78 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque, and top speed is clocked at a hair over 100 mph. This is a tad short of the full-size Scout engine that pushes out speeds around 120 mph, but honestly, an even hundred should be fast enough for public roads.

How fast is the Indian dark horse?

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse has a top speed of 193 kmph.

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Is Indian scout a good first bike?

The Indian Scout Bobber has all the makings of a good first bike. In particular, the Scout Bobber Sixty is an ideal entry to Bobber ownership although all 3 Indian Bobbers are low to the ground and have a smooth power delivery so despite being big displacement bikes they are easy to handle.

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