Frequent question: What was the aim of the British in educating India?

Britishers supported education for Indians in order to develop an educated group of people who could work as officers, look after day to day administration and provide workforce in the government offices.

What were the aim of the British in educating Indians?

The first objective was to form a class of interpreters between the British rulers and the millions of Indians they governed. The second objective was to create a class of persons Indian in blood and colour but British in taste opinion morals and intellect.

What was the aim of the British *?

Answer: The British challenged the traditional lands right of the tribal people. They took over the land which belong to the tribal. The British also wanted regular revenue from the tribal communities.

Did the British really wanted to educate Indians?

No the British really didn’t want to educate Indians. But on the other hand the wanted to remove many rituals and other customs from India such as the “Sati Pratha”. They wanted awareness to be developed among the Indians but they didn’t wanted to Educate Indians.

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What were the Lord Macaulay’s recommendations to the Indian system of education?

Macaulay recommended

Indians should be taught sciences and western literature. He had a very poor opinion of traditional Indian learning which he thought was inferior to European learning. According to him, “single shelf of a good European library was worth native literature of India and Arabia.”

What is education and British rule?

The Charter Act of 1813 was the first step towards education being made an objective of the government. The act sanctioned a sum of Rs. 1 lakh towards the education of Indians in British ruled India. This act also gave an impetus to the missionaries who were given official permission to come to India.

What was the main motive of British imperialism in India?

The British imperialism of India was a time when the British ruled Colonial India. The British came to India in hopes to use their land and products as a profit. In doing so, there were numerous economic and ethical issues that caused many conflicts. One example, being medicine.

What was the main motive of British rule in India?

The main motive of the British rule in India was to acquire more and more resources and fulfil the needs of the British empire, the Queen and other powerful people. They suceeded in their objective by conquering india, its kings, the armies and then establishing their own authority.

What was the main motive of British rule in India How did they succeed in their objective?

Britisher’s main motive was to take India’s wealth to their country and they were succeed in their objective because when they came to rule India the condition of India was not so good.

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What are the main features of Lord Macaulay’s recommendations?

He was not a big fan of Indian traditional educational system .

  • English should be used as the medium of instruction in schools of India .
  • Science and Western literature should be taught in Indian schools to Indians.
  • Primary education was must for the people for better understanding .

What are the main recommendations of Macaulay’s minutes?

His famous proposal of promoting the English language is called the Macaulay Minute.In 1835 he suggested English should be taught in place to Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian in colonial schools in India. Lord Macaulay is known to introduce British education system in India .

What were the important aspects of Macaulay report?

The main objective of Macaulay`s policy were as follows. The policy laid emphasis on promoting European literature and science among the Indians. As such all funds allocated for the purpose of education should be used on English education only.

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