Frequent question: Who are the top spiritual leaders in India?

Who is the spiritual leader of India?

1. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. He is one of the most famous spiritual leaders in India and over the world. He founded the NGO called “Art of Living” with the goal to support people who are economically and socially backward.

Who are Hindu spiritual leaders?

Famous Indian Spiritual & Religious Leaders

  • 1 Swami Vivekananda. . 4018. Famous As: Indian Monk. …
  • 2 Osho Rajneesh. . 128. Famous As: Spiritual leader and Public speaker, Philosopher. …
  • 3 Kabir. . 160. …
  • 4 Jiddu Krishnamurti. . 80. …
  • 5 Mahavira. . 122. …
  • 6 Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. . 144. …
  • 7 Guru Nanak. . 224. …
  • 8 Sri Aurobindo. . 64.

Who was one of the greatest spiritual leader of our country?

Vivekananda was the chief disciple of the 19th-century mystic Ramakrishna Paramhansa and founder of the Ramakrishna Math and the Ramakrishna Mission. President Ram Nath Kovind led the nation on Sunday to pay tributes to one of the greatest spiritual leaders of India — Swami Vivekananda — on his birth anniversary.

Who is the best spiritual leaders in the world?


  • Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath, Badrinath and Dwarka Sharada Peetham, Dwarka.
  • Swami Nischalanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Govardhan Math, Puri.
  • Swami Bharati Tirtha Mahasannidhanam, Shankaracharya of Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri.
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Who are the religious leaders?

Religious leaders from Jesus Christ, Buddha and Martin Luther to Muhammad, Billy Graham and Mother Teresa are people who have appeared in sacred texts or helped lead religious movements. These prophets, priests and preachers have profoundly shaped our view of the spiritual world.

What is the world’s largest spiritual Organisation?

Brahma Kumaris

Formation 1936
Founder Lekhraj Kripalani
Type Spiritual organisation
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Educational, philanthropic, spiritual, meditation

What is an Indian guru called?

The word swami is defined as master or teacher of Hindu philosophy. It means the swami strives for the mastery over his or her smaller self and habit patterns. “Maharishi” is a title traditionally bestowed on Brahmins and is Hindi for “great seer.” It is a title given sometimes to a great sage or saint (rishi).

What is a symbol of Hinduism?

The “AUM” symbol (or OM – the symbol in the center) symbolizes the Universe and the ultimate reality. It is the most important Hindu symbols. At the dawn of creation, from emptiness first emerged a syllable consisting of three letters – A-U-M (often written as OM).

Who is the one world soul in Hinduism?

Hinduism can be considered monotheistic because all gods and living things make up one world soul or God, Brahman.

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