How can I attest my education certificate in India?

Indian Degree certificate attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the degree certificate in India, certificate should be attested from concerned HRD/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go.

What is the procedure for attestation of certificates in India?


The certificate/documents for attestation should be submitted to the Embassy/Consulate along with a photocopy of the certificate/document and a copy of his/her passport. The original passport should be presented for verification and return.

How do I authenticate my education certificate?

Below are the steps mentioned in the process.

  1. Regional level: It is the beginning of the certificate authentication process. …
  2. State Level: The authentication of certificates from the state is performed by three different departments as per the requirement of the document type. …
  3. MEA: …
  4. Embassy:

How do I get an attested certificate?

Attestation services attend to the confirmation received from MEA and other government officials. It is performed by the concerned officials available at the embassy, MEA, state and notary as well. The authorities then offer a stamp as proof of certification of documents.

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What is the cost of certificate attestation in India?

The fee chargeable by the outsourced agencies per document for its collection and delivery for Apostille/normal attestation by MEA will be Rs. 90/- (Service Fee) and Rs 3 per page (Scanning Fee) .

Who can attest educational certificates in India?

To get attestation, a person needs to contact a doctor at a government hospital, a district superintendent of police or a sub-divisional/first class/additional district magistrate.

Who can attest certificates in India?

Class I or Group A (Gazetted and Executive officers who can attest the documents):

  • All Officers of Armed forces;
  • Magistrates and above in Judicial services;
  • Central and state servicemen (Doctors, Engineers, Drug Controller);
  • Scientists working in any government-funded research organization like DRDO etc.;

What is meant by educational certificate?

An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. In many countries, a certificate is a qualification attained in secondary education. … In many other countries, certificates are qualifications in higher education.

How do I get my HRD certificate?

For getting attestation from HRD, you need to submit the original degree certificate to the HRD office along with the copy of mark sheet, copy of the offer letter, copy of passport and two passport size photographs.

What is legalized copy?

In other words, by verifying and certifying a photocopy with an original signature/stamp/seal, it then becomes an original document.

What are the attestation required for marriage certificate?

Question: How to get a marriage certificate attested? Answer: Personal presence of either of the spouse, with the following documents: Valid passport in original of the spouse present at the IVS Global Attestation Center. 2 passport Passport photocopies (first / last and valid visa page) of both the spouses.

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How long does it take to get documents attested?

What is a valid attestation? How long does it take to get an Attestation? Between 3 to 5 Working days depending on the nature of the document and the country you require it for. Every country has a different fees structures and time frame to deliver the documents.

Why is degree attestation needed?

Today authenticated documents are necessary whether you are preparing to admit your kid in a school or moving abroad. … The idea of document attestation is a sign or a symbol in itself for verifying the authenticity of a certificate.

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