How can I change my name in Chennai Metro Water?

How do I change my name on Cmwssb?

Apply to the Senior Accounts Officer of the respective Area in writing with copy of the name change order issued by the Chennai Corporation and Assessment Order (Notice under Rule 3A).

How can I change my name in Tamilnadu water bill?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Ownership Certificate.
  2. Sale Deed.
  3. Latest Tax Paid receipt.
  4. Last Bill of Water Charges.
  5. Affidavit in the stamp paper of required value.
  6. N.O.C/Death Certificate of Previous Owner/Indemnity Bond having clause of NOC, no dispute on ownership of the property as applicable.

How can I change my mobile number in Chennai Metro water?

Dear people, to change your registered mobile number, kindly send a clear photocopy of your CMC card, ID Proof and a request letter with a valid reason for the same via email to This option can only be availed for domestic bookings.

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What is CMC number in Chennai Metro water?

Call Centre (044-4567 4567) for 3 KL water tankers alone and mode of payment will be cash on delivery.

Can we drink Chennai Metro water?

GENERAL. Use Metrowater for drinking and cooking only. Ensure clean environment particularly near water sump/tap.

How do I book metro water?

Consumers can book according to their requirement. Consumers who are not able to access net facility can book “Dial for water” through Call Centre (044-4567 4567) for 3,000-litre water tankers alone and mode of payment will be cash on delivery.

How can I change my Patta name in Tamilnadu?

Online Patta Transfer Or Name Change Procedure

  1. Visit the nearest Taluk or Village Administration Officer’s (VAO) Office.
  2. Obtain the form for Patta Transfer.
  3. Fill out the form carefully without any mistakes.
  4. Submit the same with proper supporting documents.
  5. Take the final receipt and wait for the process to get done with.

How can I get water connection in Coimbatore?

Apply In-Person :

  1. To apply for new water connection go to the municipal commissioner office in your area.
  2. Link for contact details :link for district Select district option from the left part of the screen. …
  3. Go to the respective office and consult with authority to do the preliminary round of discussion for your need.

How can I change my name in property tax Coimbatore?

3) Documents required for the Name Transfer of Property Tax:

  1. The application in the prescribed form.
  2. The Relevant documents for ownership.
  3. Legal heir ship Certificate in the event of will and death of case.
  4. Death Certificate in the event of death case.
  5. Copy of up to dated Tax paid receipt.
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How can I register my mobile number in Chennai Metro Water?

Contact Phone No. 2845 1300 Extn. 304. On receipt of registered application.

How can I get new metro water connection in Chennai?

Applicant has to remit the Connection Charges, only at the Canara Bank branch located in CMWSS Board Head Office campus. Filled-up Application along with paid ‘c’ challan for the payment of connection charges and necessary enclosures should be registered at the Registration Counter.

How can I change my mobile number in Chennai Corporation?

Filled in application form (Form-7)

The citizen may submit his request along with the following details through the online citizen portal available in website The citizen should obtain user id and password by furnishing the user name and mobile number or email id in citizen portal.

How much is the water tax in Chennai?

1) Water Tax 1.5% of assessed annual value. 2% per month on recurring basis for the belated payment for water and Sew.


a. Domestic Rs.40/- p.m. Half yearly
e. Treated Sewer Rs.20.21/KL. Effect from 1-10-2019

How can I cancel my Metro Water booking in Chennai?

Customers can either log onto the Metrowater website or contact CMWSSB over phone to book a tanker. Tankers, once booked, cannot be cancelled.

How can I get my property tax bill number in Chennai?

Visit the official website of Greater Chennai Corporation or click on In the right corner of your screen you will see the option of ‘Online Tax Payment. ‘ click on it.

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