How can I get digital driving Licence in India?

How do I get a digital driving Licence?

Here is the procedure to go about with the process.

  1. Create NTSA Transport information management portal. If you have an e- citizen account, you can access the NTSA portal. …
  2. Pay NTSA a visit to their offices. …
  3. Personal Details Confirmation. …
  4. Lipa na MPESA. …
  5. Capture Bio-metrics and signature. …
  6. Get your Digital Driving License.

How do I download driving Licence on my phone?

You need to sign up on DigiLocker or mParivahan app to get your driving licence on the smartphone or download its soft copy.

  1. Driving licence can be stored on your smartphone via DigiLocker.
  2. You can download its soft copy in PDF.
  3. mParivahan app also provides the ability to download your driving licence.

Is virtual driving license valid in India?

The Transport Ministry of India has asked traffic police departments of all the states that electronic or digital formats of vehicle documents are good enough. All the drivers can present their documents in soft copy format through DigiLocker or the mParivahan app.

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Is digital Licence valid?

The NSW Digital Driver Licence is legal for use across NSW and is accepted by most pubs and clubs, and NSW Police. … It’s illegal to access your digital driver licence when driving, including when stationary, unless you’re asked to do so by a police officer.

Is DigiLocker driving license valid?

Revisions to the Motor Vehicle Act bring along hefty fines for traffic rule violations and in some cases, the penalties have been increased up to 20 times. … Sir,documents in digilocker are valid, but in case of any violation committed by driver/rider or if vehicle seized original (hard copy) DL/RC is required.

How can I download my driving licence from parivahan?

Print Driving License (LLR) PDF @

  1. Fill the essential details required to print the Driving License.
  2. Click on the Print Option to Download and Print the Driving License (LL).
  3. It then displays the Driving License in the pdf format.

Is soft copy of driving licence valid in India?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently notified that vehicle drivers would now be able to present digital/electronic copies of their vehicle documents, including driving licence and registration certificate, thanks to a plea by Member of Parliament, Narsaraopet, Lavu Srikrishnadevarayulu.

Can I store my driving licence on my phone?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is working on a prototype iPhone app that will let drivers store their driving licence in their Apple Wallet. A DVLA spokesman told Autocar: “The driving licence app is also being developed for Android and other mobile platforms. …

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Is virtual DL valid in Tamilnadu?

The answer is no. Even though DigiLocker facilitates digital storage of these papers, policing is a State subject and not every State has accepted the digital version of certificates as a valid proof. … Police personnel used to accept photocopies of driving licence as valid proof, but not any more in Tamil Nadu.

What documents should carry while driving?

Essential Documents That You Must Carry While Going on a Long Drive/ Road Trip

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of Your Car. …
  • Certificate of Insurance of Your Car. …
  • Driving Licence of the Driver. …
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate of Your Car.

Can we show photocopy of RC?

Bengaluru commuters can now show digital copies of documents to traffic police. … Bengaluru traffic police clarified, there is no fine for showing driving license, registration certificate,etc to them in the digital form.

How does a digital licence work?

A digital driver’s licence can only operate on a smart phone. It’s generated through the Service New South Wales app. For the licence to be valid, the mobile phone screen can‘t be cracked. It’s also your responsibility to make sure your phone battery doesn’t die, so it can be accessed at all times.

What is a digital licence?

A digital driver licence is a driver licence you store on your smartphone. Its purpose is to prove your identity and that you have the right to drive a specific type of vehicle but without having to show a plastic card.

Primary documents

A driver licence with your photo issued in your name. This includes physical and digital driver licences, learner permits and provisional licences. Issued by a state or territory government. We can’t accept ceremonial, church or celebrant issued certificates.

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