How can I get original copy of Indian Constitution?

How can I get a copy of my original Indian Constitution?

The original copies of the Indian Constitution, written in Hindi and English, are kept in special helium-filled cases in the Library of the Parliament of India. The original copies of The Constitution are stored in the Library of the Parliament of India.

Is our Constitution copied?

Its a result of strong brainstorming for 2years, 11 months and 18 days. They studies many many different constitutions of various nations but did not copy paste it. … Our Constitution has indeed taken references from existing constitutions of the world, but it has not borrowed the constitution as it exists.

Who decorated the handwritten copy of Constitution?

Nandalal Bose is known for decorating the handwritten copy of the Indian Constitution with his paintings. This discussion on Which artist decorated the handwritten copy of the Indian Constitution? a)Raja Ravi Vermab)Mihir Senc)Nandalal Bosed)Ravindra Nath TagoreCorrect answer is option ‘C’.

How many original copies of the Constitution are there?

Only 25 Dunlap Copies are known to still exist. The last Dunlap copy sold at auction was offered by Sotheby’s on eBay on June 29, 2000 and brought $8.14 million from collector Norman Lear, who partnered with Silicon Valley investor David Hayden.

Is India a borrowed Constitution?

The Constitution of India is the lengthiest written constitution in the world. … Its provisions were borrowed from the Government of India Act 1935 and the Constitutions of the US, Ireland, Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, the USSR, France, South Africa, Japan, and other countries.

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Which part of Constitution is taken from which country?

The preamble of the Indian constitution is taken from the constitution of the USA. The Constitution of India has picked the best features from other constitutions of the world.

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Name of Countries Borrowed Features of the Constitution
Japan 1. Concept of “procedure established by Law”
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