How far is the hot dog from Indian River?

How far are the canyons from Indian River Inlet?

indian river to balt canyon and poormans miles.

How far is the hot dog from Indian River Inlet?

the OC Hot Dog ~ 40nm miles from OC inlet has sucked this year – other years there were 200 boats chunking this time of year. There are spot 18-25 nm off OC that hold BFT on a reliable basis – except this year. Most of the activity for better fish has been South.

How deep is the Indian River Inlet?

The harbor has depths of 17 to 70 feet between the breakwater and a shoal ridge, 8 to 12 feet deep, 1 mile to the southwestward.

Where are the old grounds?

Roughly 18 miles south of the Cape May Inlet, the area’s depth is varied, spanning anywhere from 63 to 100 feet. All that ballast rock is also bolstered by the presence of old growth mussel beds and other natural forage built over the years, meaning fish stick to the area to feed.

How is the Indian River Inlet Fishing in Delaware?

Fishing report

Bloodworms, FishBite bloodworms and cut bait will do the job. Keep your rig moving across the bottom for best results. The Delaware Bay reef sites hold kings, triggerfish, flounder, croaker and spot. Clams, squid, live minnows and bloodworms all produce here.

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Where is Massey’s Canyon?

Massey’s Canyon is a popular summer spot for inshore bluefin tuna and pelagic fishing off the coast of New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland. Located only about 30 miles East of Ocean City MD, it is easily in range for small, mid and large size boats boats trying for some tuna chunking.

How dangerous is Indian River Inlet?

Anglers take heed; the waters of the Indian River Inlet are among the most dangerous navigable waters on the east coast. Even seasoned boaters can run into trouble heading in or out of the inlet.

Is the Indian River Inlet man made?

The last 100 feet was removed with 2,200lbs of dynamite at 4pm on November 3rd, 1928. Today’s man-made inlet had been created.

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