How fast does a Indian Scout bobber go?

128 mph (Est.)

Is Indian scout a good first bike?

The Indian Scout Bobber has all the makings of a good first bike. In particular, the Scout Bobber Sixty is an ideal entry to Bobber ownership although all 3 Indian Bobbers are low to the ground and have a smooth power delivery so despite being big displacement bikes they are easy to handle.

Is bobber good for long rides?

The riding position though means speeds of 70mph and more soon become tiring. If your route involves lots of interstates then no, Bobbers aren’t the ideal motorcycle for long rides. It’s not just that you are sat upright and battling the constant air resistance on your chest either.

Can a bobber have two seats?

yeah, of course Bobbers can have two seats.

Are Indian Scout Bobbers fast?

Unregulated top speed is reported at 128 mph, but seriously, if 115 mph ain’t enough, you’re looking at the wrong kind of bike. The Scout Bobber Twenty is an essential machine that carries nothing in the way of variable ride-control electronics, just raw power and a thrilling ride.

How fast is an Indian scout?

128 mph (Est.)

How heavy is an Indian Scout bobber?

Indian Scout Bobber

Make Model Indian Scout Bobber
Dry Weight 242 kg / 533 lbs
Wet Weight 251 kg / 554 lbs
Ground Clearance 123 mm / 4.8 in
GVWR 449 kg / 988 lbs
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Is a Indian Scout a girls bike?

The Scout is a rider’s bike. An amazingly quick, awesome handling, extremely fun, true rider’s bike. It is not a girly bike.

Is Scout or Indian Scout Sixty better?

The Indian Scout is a fantastic motorcycle. … The Scout Sixty, which just launched at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Italy, is a smaller version of the Scout. Well, its engine is smaller, at least. The rest of the bike is the same size, sitting on the same wonderful platform.

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