Is Aksai Chin part of India Quora?

No, Aksai Chin was never part of India. India’s claim on Aksai Chin was based on the Indian-claimed ‘traditional border of Ladakh’.

Is Aksai Chin part of India or China?

Aksai Chin, Chinese (Pinyin) Aksayqin, portion of the Kashmir region, at the northernmost extent of the Indian subcontinent in south-central Asia. It constitutes nearly all the territory of the Chinese-administered sector of Kashmir that is claimed by India to be part of Ladakh union territory.

Is Aksai Chin part of India or China Quora?

So Aksai Chin belonged to Jammu and Kashmir. It became a part of India after Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India via a legal signature in 1947. But it mostly is under Chinese control since 1950s as India was “too busy” to notice a massive highway being built by China through Aksai Chin.

How did India lose Aksai Chin?

As a consequence of their non-recognition of the McMahon Line, China’s maps showed both the North East Frontier Area (NEFA) and Aksai Chin to be Chinese territory. In 1960, Zhou Enlai unofficially suggested that India drop its claims to Aksai Chin in return for a Chinese withdrawal of claims over NEFA.

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Will India ever take back Aksai Chin?

We are in no position to take back Aksai Chin and other areas in Chinese occupation in the foreseeable future. … The mistrust of the Chinese and the public sentiment in India are likely to be the main impediments. In China’s defence, it can be said that in war and peace, it has generally adhered to the 1959 Claim Line.

Can India defeat China in a war?

“India has several strategic advantages, most critically geography and a largely defensive strategic posture, which can allow its armed forces to be effective in countering China without massive increases in defense spending or major restructuring.”

Why it is called Aksai Chin?

Aksai Chin (the name literally means “Chin’s desert of white stones“) is a very large high-altitude hot desert of salt with sand dunes and yareta (a type of cushioned plants) that reaches heights up to 4,500 metres. …

How did China get Aksai Chin Quora?

Aksai Chin belongs to India. Two reasons: It was a part of Jammu and Kashmir princely state. In fact, the Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir had even constructed a fort at Shahidulla (modern-day Xaidulla, a part of Xinjiang in China today), and had troops stationed there for some years to protect caravans.

What India lost in China war?

In 1962, India was badly defeated by the Chinese, losing the Aksai Chin region of Ladakh in a matter of days. Unlike in other border zones where the Chinese whipped the Indians, China did not withdraw from its gains. China took almost 15,000 square miles of what had been India in Aksai Chin, and has kept it ever since.

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Was Tibet a part of India?

The Government of India, soon after India’s independence in 1947, treated Tibet as a de facto independent country. However, more recently India’s policy on Tibet has been mindful of Chinese sensibilities, and has recognized Tibet as a part of China.

When did India lose Pok?

Hostilities between the two countries ended after a ceasefire was declared through UNSC Resolution 211 following a diplomatic intervention by the Soviet Union and the United States, and the subsequent issuance of the Tashkent Declaration.

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Date August – 23 September 1965
Territorial changes No territorial changes

How did China occupy Aksai Chin?

In 1962, Chinese troops were stopped by the Indian soldiers near the present-day LAC in Ladakh unlike the eastern sector, where the invaders had come down to Tezpur in Assam. When China announced ceasefire unilaterally, it retreated to the McMohan Line in Arunachal Pradesh but held military control of Aksai Chin.

Is Siachen a part of India?

The entire Siachen Glacier, with all major passes, has been under the administration of India (currently as part of the union territory of Ladakh, located in the Kashmir region) since 1984.

Is China inside Indian territory?

China has constructed a new village consisting of 101 homes, approximately 4.5 kilometres within the Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, NDTV reported on Monday, citing satellite images accessed by it. … China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of southern Tibet, while India contests it.

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